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Old December 7th 03, 05:38 AM
Gould 0738
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Default Which of you Dems hacked Google ??

As far as:

(Don't accidentally hit "return" on this system)

As far as your goofy premise that I said Bush was not intelligent?

Use some of that intelligence that got you through dental school (frin) to
actually *read* what I said and react to that, rather the wheel out the canned
conservative talk show response #61B.

I said, and I maintain, that whatever sort of
intelligence the President might possess, he has a lower than average verbal

What you should know, (by virture of superior intelligence?) is that a guy
could be a friggin genius and score very poorly in
verbal IQ. I did not say the president was stupid. I said he cannot speak. He,
himself, has said he does not read. Low verbal IQ. Could still be a bright
guy, but its harder to tell.

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Old December 7th 03, 06:53 AM
Gould 0738
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Default Which of you Dems hacked Google ??

Bush actually *may* be reasonably intelligent in some apsects.
Intelligence has
many facets. Whatever his other skills might be, even the most devout

has to admit that Bush's *verbal* IQ

Several sources confirm that Bush scored
1206 (out of 1600) on his SAT. 566 verbal and 640 math. Additional indication
that his intelligence is not particularly verbal.

I wonder if scores of 566 (out of 800 possible) and 640 (again, out of 800)
were strong enough to qualify for admission to an Ivy League school in 1968?

Here's a surprise- a guy that I would have thought was more verbal than
pragmatic isn't! Al Gore, a reasonably gifted speaker, scored 625 on the
verbal SAT and 730 on the math. That's not a bad math score.

One of many cites:

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Old December 7th 03, 07:05 AM
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Default Which of you Dems hacked Google ??

"Gould 0738" wrote in message
Bush actually *may* be reasonably intelligent in some apsects.

Intelligence has
many facets. Whatever his other skills might be, even the most devout

has to admit that Bush's *verbal* IQ

Several sources confirm that Bush scored
1206 (out of 1600) on his SAT. 566 verbal and 640 math.

Hmmmm. He scored 16 points higher on the verbal section than I. I guess
why I don't see anything wrong with the guy. ;-)

My scores=550 verbal/710 math. I took the test my junior year in high
school. A 1260 was good enough for state schools, so I didn't bother to
take it again my senior year.

Additional indication
that his intelligence is not particularly verbal.

566 is better than the average.

I wonder if scores of 566 (out of 800 possible) and 640 (again, out of

were strong enough to qualify for admission to an Ivy League school in


A 1206 was pretty good 35 years ago. Today, kids are either smarter...or
they've dumbed down the test.

Here's a surprise- a guy that I would have thought was more verbal than
pragmatic isn't! Al Gore, a reasonably gifted speaker, scored 625 on the
verbal SAT and 730 on the math. That's not a bad math score.

The ability to speak in public is a very poor indicator of a person's
intelligence, IMO. Some people just don't perform well in public
speaking...but relate amazingly well in one-on-one dialogue. I suspect that
this describes Bush.

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Old December 7th 03, 07:12 AM
K Smith
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Default Which of you Dems hacked Google ??

jps wrote:
In article ,

So tell us what industry "you" employed these people in??? then. It's
your claim jps, in true Harry fashion for the same reason, so you can
pretend you know something of business.

The only thing worthwhile answering is that I'm in the high tech
business and it involves computers and programming.

Ja'me is that you??? if you're the hidden dove, hi how ya goin' & ficht
is dead yes!!! ;-)??? but you better get the flock out of here because
I'm shooting the left wings off those bludger crows & if you're flying
with them, white dove or no, you're in the firing line.

Hi tech business:-) love it what a load of BS!!! & every "business
involves computers & programming" these days so this is just liars'
waffle nothing more.

Your claim was;

The truth is I provide a place of employment for many families in a non-
corporate atmosphere that puts the welfare of the employees on a closer
par with corporate profits than most companies.

My company is 12
years old in Feb. and we've worked with and count as clients
internationally recognized firms.

make up your mind is it a corporate or not??? Regardless name them &
then we can see what industry it might be in & don't bother including
the electricity supplier or the stationery suppliers, because you're
clearly trying to pull off a Harry type load of crap. What's so
secretive about it?? Harry would've claimed national security is the
reason by now, so I guess you will any tick now:-)

"You provide a place of employment for many families" in a non
corporate atmosphere indeed, what utter BS!!!

I don't pretend to know something
about business,

Yes you do!! read your own claim again; "you" claimed "you" that's
"you" jps as an employer, not that you work for a Co that employs
people, so tell us about it then. You come here OT all the time
spruiking your left BS yet want a free pass?? If you make a claim you
better substantiate it, we can believe or not believe that's fine but
you can't have the benefit of the claim & then say sorry it's secret, if
it's secret don't make the claim.

I've run this one for 12 years and it has made it
through very difficult transitions, survived and is now prospering, even
during the corporate downturn.

Again why the shyness smuckums, tell us what it is, you don't need to
give it's name although I can't imagine why not, just what it actually
does, which industry, which widgets.

You are lying just as Harry is when he claims to be an "employer" of
writers!!! no less:-) Sorry, sorry, I start giggling:-)

And I've received not one bit of help from the government, other than
access to people who have a decent public education, for which I'm very
thankful. I pay taxes on time, I'm not aggressive with tax loopholes to
avoid paying taxes. I've chosen not to reincorporate in Nevada or the
District of Columbia to avoid state business and occupations taxes.

It must be a lucrative non corporate industry because you tell us above
you put the "welfare" of the staff above profit, what?? you over pay
staff with wages & conditions?? so why not tell us what it is???

You're welcome to refute and accuse but you'd be wrong.

I may well be wrong but you're the one who made the claim & because so
I challenge you, back up your claim or be seen for what you are, a liar
the same as Harry. Which reminds me;;;;


Here's some of Harry's lies for you, just to bring back old memories:-)

I'm doing my part to ease unemployment. I'm hiring another writer

for my

staff. Will be putting the ad on MONSTER.COM and in the Wash Post.

I need more staff because 2004 is a major election year and business
booked to date indicates we'll be drowning in work. We need to hire a
production coordinator, too. It has very little to do with the state of
the economy, other than using it as reason to defeat Republicrap

I'm doing my part to ease unemployment. I'm hiring another writer

for my

staff. Will be putting the ad on MONSTER.COM and in the Wash Post.

We have first-class benefits, including a top-of-the-line health
insurance plan, a non-contributory defined-benefit pension plan, a 401k,
and a life insurance policy equal to annual salary. We contribute a
share of profits to the 401k on behalf of the employee. Our employees
pay $4.50 for generic prescriptions and $8.00 for non-generics, but
that's going up next year to $10 and $15. New employees get two weeks
vacation the first year, and that goes to three weeks the third year. In
addition, we have 12 paid holidays and we shut down from noon on
Christmas eve to the day after New Year's Day. We also provide 20 days
of paid sick leave a year. And we have an outside company administering
pre-tax flexible bennies for our employees.
Our fringe benefit package follows the trade union model, except, of
course, for the profit contributions to 401k's. Trade unions are
not-for-profit enterprises.
How do these compare to the bennies at your shop?

Paid? Every year? I call "bull****". With 3 weeks vacation, 12 paid
holidays, and 20 paid sick days that's 47 *paid* days off every year.

they hourly employees? For a "small business", that's the road to

Boy...and you had me going there for a minute.

Not quite so simple, though you are trying hard to make it so. Our
business is up because we're on the cusp of an election year. Our
business always goes up in a major election year.
You could say we're going to be doing very well in 2004 because Bush is
such a total failure.

The 20 paid sick days aren't part of the "paid" days off unless those
days are used. None of our people abuses sick leave. In fact, no one as
yet has even come close to using 20 sick days in one year. They're there
in case they're needed.

Oh, I forgot. We also provide everyone with LTD.

The company provides an insurance plan that pays 50% of an employe's
salary for Long Term Disability. Employes have the option of purchasing
an additional 16.66%, bringing their total to 66.66%. The basic benefit
maximum is $4,000 per month. With the buy up, the limit is increased to
$10,000 per month.

Here's just some of his prior lies (in his own words pasted);

I sold off nearly $3,000,000 in new motors and boats, depressing
the new boat
industry in southern Connecticut for an entire season. Everything was
cotter pin, every quart of oil, 30 days after I started. For near
full-retail, too.

He had just under $1,000,000 on floor plan with a
syndicate of banks led by National Shawmut of Boston. He had been a
solid customer of that back for more than 20 years and they gave him
great rates.

As far as your other complaints, well, almost every president in

my memory,
and I *remember* Truman, Eisenhower (who cheated on his wife),

Johnson, Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan and Bush, lied and

participated in
deceit to one degree or another, and on issues far more important

than who
was giving them blow jobs.

Good lord. I met *every* president in the damned group except

Bush, and I
worked once for his father.

My father used to pray that the north shore of LI Sound would be

hit by
a mild hurricane. No
one injured, no on-shore property damaged, but lots of boats sunk.
Preferably early in July.

We had the Hatteras for two years. Last year, out of the cold

clear, a
broker approached me with an offer to buy. Our continued Florida
lifestyle was somewhat up in the air, because the two breadwinners
hereabouts were about to be offered long-term but temporary

they could not refuse in the Washington, D.C., area. So, after being
romanced a little, we sold the Hatt for almost precisely what we paid
for it. Not bad, after two full years of use. And I mean full

years. So,
we didn't "make" any money off the Hatt, but we didn't lose any,

The proceeds were prudently invested.

The PWC was won as
a prize in a raffle.

Never mind that. Why does he have a Bilgeliner in front of his

Is it a display of "Boating Don'ts?"
Yeah, when we were in the boat biz, my father always had one or two

"around the back" that he was forced to take in trade. These were

as "as is, where is." He made sure the engine would start and run.
Beyond that, it was up to the prospective buyer to decide if he

it. They moved off the lot pretty quickly, partially because my dad's
main store was on a highly trafficked commercial route with lots of
manufacturing and machining and aerospace plants near by. In

those days,
workers at these places could fix anything.

Actually, Dipper, I don't think my father ever saw a Bayliner.

But he still
called bumpers bumpers.

Bayliner wined and dined my father a half dozen times to

entice him
into becoming its dealer. His operation was the largest small boat
dealership in its area of New England, and for 30 years, he was the
*exclusive* Evinrude dealer in a densely populated coastal county. He
also handled Mercuries. He never liked Bayliners, and referred to

as "jerry-built."

From 1947 until he died, he sold more than 500 outboard motors a
year from his stores, accounting for a reasonably high percentage

of *all*
outboards sold in his home state for those years.

This is a killer. My father was in the boat business dating back to
right after
the Big War. When he died and I was looking through his

warehouse, I found
wrapped in a nuclear fall-out bag (no kidding), a brand-new 1949
Evinrude 8015
50 hp outboard. The motor was a gift to my father from Evinrude for
winning some
outboard stock utility or hydroplane race.

I gave the motor to a friend of my dad's, who worked at the shop

as head
mechanic. I don't believe he ever used it and I'm sure it is still
brand-new. I
have no idea who might own it now.

He also built
boats, and I worked on a few, both wood, glass covered wood and
all fiberglass. After he died, however, we sold the biz and I've
just been an occasional boat owner.

Besides, I worked off and on in the
boat business and inherited it when he died. So, as I said, I'm
knee-deep in boat heritage.

and I had some friends who died in the service, too, but it

wasn't for
what they believed in. They were drafted, shipped to Vietnam and came
back in body bags.

During the war, he turned out experimental brass shell casings
for the
Army and hopped up outboards for the Navy, which wanted to use

them on
landing craft. I had photos at one time of my father with Ole

My mother knew one of Evinrude's wives...she was a minor movie

star or
singer...I forgot which. Maybe both.

Have you ever sailed from San Francisco to Hawaii? I have.
Have you ever rounded Cape Horn? I have, twice.
Have you ever transited the Panama Canal? I have.
Have you owned more than 20 boats in your lifetime? I have.
Have you ever sailed large boats competitively? I have.
Have you ever been hundreds of miles from land in a powerboat

under your
command? I have.

My father and his chief mechanic once crossed the Atlantic in

winter in
a 22'
boat powered by twin outboards. Yes, it is possible, even the

fuel. Got a
"fireboat" welcome in NYC.

Here are some:

Hatteras 43' sportfish
Swan 41' racing/cruising sloop
Morgan 33
O'Day 30
Cruisers, Inc., Mackinac 22
Century Coronado
Bill Luders 16, as sweet a sailboat as ever caught a breeze.
Century 19' wood lapstrake with side wheel steering
Cruisers, Inc. 18' and 16' wood lapstrakes
Wolverines. Molded plywood. Gorgeous. Several. 14,15,17 footers

with various
Lighting class sailboat
Botved Coronet with twin 50 hp Evinrudes. Interesting boat.
Aristocraft (a piece of junk...13', fast, held together with spit)
Alcort Sunfish
Ancarrow Marine Aquiflyer. 22' footer with two Caddy Crusaders.
Guaranteed 60
mph. In the late 1950's.
Skimmar brand skiff
Arkansas Traveler fiberglass bowrider (I think it was a bowrider)
Dyer Dhow
Su-Mark round bilge runabout, fiberglass
Penn Yan runabouts. Wood.
Old Town wood and canvas canoe
Old Town sailing canoe...different than above canoe

Sometime in the early 1960s, I was driving back from Ft. Leonard

Wood to
Kansas City in a nice old MGA I owned at the time. About halfway

home it
started raining heavily, I turned on the wipers, and EVERY SINGLE
electrical accessory and light in the car flashed on, there was a

popping sound and it all blew out at once. And the car caught fire. I
pulled over to the side of the road, watched the fire, removed my
license plate and hitched on home. For all I know, that old MGA

is still

Sure was a pretty little car.

Puh-lease, Karen. You've not seen nor have I ever posted one

example of
my professional writings on building structure and the effects on

it of
hurricane-force winds and seismic activity. I haven't done any of

in at least 10 year, but at the time I was field researching,
photographing and writing these reports, they were quite accurate,
topical and well-received by their intended audiences.

A small fleet of Polar skiffs were purchased by an inshore bait,


and boat rental business on the ICW in NE Florida. These boats

were not
used on open waters. Within 90 days, cracks developed in the

liners that
also served as the deck over the flotation in the bottom of the

hulls. A
guide I know, one whose boats and engines are supplied to him by
manufacturers, also had a Polar skiff go bad on him for the same

-liner and then hull fractures.

Harry has claimed to have a 20 yrs his junior beautiful wife, he

even put a fake pic of a beautiful woman on a website once claiming it
was his "young bride", he may have a wife, although I doubt it, we don't
like nor tolerate misogynists for long.

Needless to say he's made up many "dramatic" over the top

stories over the years about this lie to feed his ego & pretend he's the
centre of attention, but as with his boat claims & other crap, there's
never once been even a shred of independently verifiable material.

After he stalked Madcow in real life, which was most

frightening, I do suspect he's very very dangerous & that this "bride"
story is his delusional appropriation of his, probably court ordered,
treating psychotherapist as "wife" (it seems he was under lock & key for
what?? over a year??? a sexual deviant maybe??), have a read of just a
small part of his BS & make up your own mind, it's all about free choice:-)

1. She *is* my bride. There are no rules that determine the end of
"bride-hood." If I want to refer to her as my bride, I may.

2. As a professional writer, I know the rules of language and am

entitled to
break them in exercise of my license.

3. I doubt many married women would object to their husbands lovingly
referring to them as brides. The connotations are pleasant.

4. She's 20 years younger than I am.

Naw. What happened was that I handled a couple of "political"

jobs funded out of the DC area to help a few candidates and defeat a
couple of ballot issues. Through no fault of mine, we won each of the
races, so some of the deep pockets types based in the DC area think I
actually *know something* about the process. I was offered a contract
that requires my presence in DC quite frequently. My bride also was
offered a job up here that represented a significant professional

move. So, we're "up here" much of the time and "down there" the rest of
it, except when we're "somewhere else." I've been back to Jax (well,
really south of Jax) five times since coming "up here" late last summer
and my bride just returned from a business trip there.

I swear this is true.

Here's a funny. My bride had to fly out to San Diego Wednesday and
hitched a ride on her company's corporate jet. They landed in Salina,
Kansas, which is due north of Wichita and Skippy's suburb of Derby.

So when she gets to San Diego, I get a call asking, "What the hell did
you do in Kansas...we didn't fly over one significant patch of

Harry, you make over 500 posts a week to this group and you don't own
a boat?
And why are you so crabby?
Maybe these two factors are related?

One has to own something to use it? Hmmm. My bride drives off in

her car
every day, but she doesn't own it.

I'm not crabby. You asked for advice I gave you some. I questioned your
wanting to take a very small boat out into high seas and suddenly you
turned sour. It's your pot; you are the one stewing in it.

No, it is the boat of a friend. It is a 24' ProLine center console

if I recall, a 225 hp Merc on it. It was a dark and stormy day in
January (1997) when we went out, but the sky cleared once we got out to
the Gulf Stream.

Bride and I caught and released:

1 white marlin
12-15 yellowtail snappers, maybe two pounds each. Pretty, pretty fish.
Assorted red snappers
1 amberjack
2 jack crevalle jacks
1 snook
Nondescript sharks

Did you spend a year as a line psychotherapist at a 650-bed state
hospital for forensic patients?
Did you spend a year as senior psychotherapist at a county facility for
substance abusers?
Did you spend two years as chief of therapy at a private, 200-bed
facility for the mentally and emotionally ill, at which approximately
half the patients were trying to beat drugs or alcohol?
Are you currently chief of therapy for a for a multi-practitioner
practice of some 825 patients, about a third of which are seeking help
for substance abuse problems?

Licensed psychotherapist
Screening as to character and background for each degree earned
On-going screening by faculty while in educational system
Interviews and screenings for required years of internships, plus,

at the same
time, supervision by a licensed professional.
Close professional and personal supervision by a licensed therapist

for two years
of employment before being allowed to apply for licensure
Licensure background check, submission of recommendations by licensed
Four hour written examination on state laws
Five hour written examination on diagnosis, procedure and practice

My wife went through this before becoming licensed. Her final

internship was as a
psychotherapist at a 600-bed high security state psychiatric

hospital where, on a
daily basis, she was exposed to more danger than your average soldier.

My wife worked for a year as psychotherapist in a Florida 600-bed state
mental institution for forensic patients. She saw and treated numerous
sexual deviants who do a bit more than expose themselves. Such

is part of being in the mental health professions.

You see, I'm a nautical psychotherapist, and for only $125 an hour,
until their health insurance runs out, I help Bayliner owners

overcome their
feelings of boatable inadequacy.

She is a licensed, practicing
psychotherapist and often tells me I am the sanest person she sees each
day. Which can be taken any way one likes.

1. I'm married to a psychotherapist. Live-in therapy, dontcha know?

And much of
Freud is passe.

My ex-wife surpassed the anti-Christ at least a decade ago.

They're not actually "free" moments. I go to boat dealers to round-up
Bayliner owners who are trying to find one who will take their own
version of flotsam and jetsam in on trade.

1. The address listed is not a home address. It is an office.

2. I have three phone numbers. The phone number listed is not one of
mine. It has never been one of mine. The phone number *did* belong

to an
after-hours message recording hotline my wife maintained for her most
mentally disturbed patients. Some of these troubled souls were
court-ordered referrals. *Every* call to that phone number--every
call--was recorded AND because of the nature of the line, my wife had
the ability to alert the telephone company to trace the phone number of
every incoming call to that line, *even* if the person making the call
tried to block his number.

Why, you might ask? Because when you are dealing with suicidal people,
they'll liable to tell their therapist over the phone that they are
planning to take their life. If the therapist believes the threat is
real, she or he will want to dispatch emergency srvices and perhaps the

In the years my wife has provided this pro bono service, she has never
received a threatening or abusive call from a mentally ill patient or
court-ordered referral. However, after the ranking Flaming Ass of this
newsgroup posted the hotline number in this newsgroup, she received a
number of abusive, foul-mouthed AND life-threatening calls. These were
mostly directed at me but, of course, I never received them BECAUSE
(duh!) the phone is not mine and I've never answered it.
Naturally, my wife alerted the authorities, with whom she works closely
because of her court-referred patients. The authorities are
investigating the callers and have involved both the FBI *and*
authorities in other states, including Florida, Georgia, California and
Texas. Working with the telephone company, the authorities have been
able to trace the origin of virtually every abusive call. And, of
course, they have the tape recordings of the abusive messages. Several
suspects have been identified. I really don't know what the outcome of
all this will be. We haven't had an update in several weeks, nor are
either of us here that interested in the sleazeballs that would make
such calls.

The phone number, of course, is "wired," so when the obnoxious

calls came in
from the idiot rec.boaters, the numbers were easy enough to trace.

The local
police handled a complaint, the local telco was involved and when

it was
discovered the point of origin was out of state, the FBI got

involved. At
least one of the idiots was caught and prosecuted. As far as I can

tell, he
has not posted here again


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Old December 7th 03, 03:09 PM
Gould 0738
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Default Which of you Dems hacked Google ??

A 1206 was pretty good 35 years ago. Today, kids are either smarter...or
they've dumbed down the test.

Or they're "teaching to" the test.

That's the downside of using objective tests as a standard for evaluating
schools or eductional achievement. A group of kids could learn *noting* beyond
the answers to the test questions, yet if all the kids in the group scored
highly the community would assume the schools were doing a fabulous job.
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Old December 12th 03, 08:07 PM
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Default Which of you Dems hacked Google ??

"NOYB" wrote in message m...
"Gould 0738" wrote in message
You come across as a pretty intelligent person...right up until the point
where you criticize the President's intelligence. You've applied a
one-trait litmus test to Bush, and have determined that because he

words while speaking in public, he must be a dunce. In a
one-trait-litmus-test world, some might say that a high school dropout
qualifies as a dunce, too.

Intelligence is a personal quality, somewhat like talent. You don't become

"intelligent" by going to school, nor does graduating from a course of

indicate that the one is more intelligent than those who did not pursue

same course.

You confuse "educated" with "intelligent".

Education may help a person maximize his or her native intelligence.

may help a person be better informed.
Take your own case, for example. You are no more "intelligent" now than

were before you went to dental school- but you are a hell of a lot more
informed about dentistry. Compare yourself to an individual who studied

rather than dentistry- that person will know a lot less about dentristry

you will and you will know less about physics. Which of you is more or

intelligent? Does a DDS trump a PhD in physics?

I dunno. Physics was always my best subject (I have a Mechanical
Engineering degree)...but dentistry provided a lot better way to make a
living IMO.

See, it IS true, education doesn't equal intelligence. You're
educated, but, by virtue of what you post here, are stupid!
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Old December 12th 03, 08:40 PM
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Default Which of you Dems hacked Google ??

basskisser wrote:

See, it IS true, education doesn't equal intelligence. You're
educated, but, by virtue of what you post here, are stupid!

This from your mouth is like one drunk saying to another, 'You're a drunk'.

-- Charlie

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