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Default Recovery time from Giardia?

On Wednesday, September 13, 2000 at 2:00:00 AM UTC-5, Mary Malmros wrote:
In article ,
Glenn Wallace wrote:
As I was recently diagnosed with giardia and have completed a dose of
antibiotics, I'm wondering if anyone can relate their experience in
terms of how long it takes to feel 100%. I had giardia for approx. 3
months before finally determining the problem. My symptoms are largely
gone 1.5 weeks later, but I'm not yet 100%. How long will it take to
feel 100%?

I think the answer depends on how bad it hit you. I got a dose last
fall, and my symptoms were pretty severe. I went to see a doctor
about a week after I first got symptoms. By that time I'd lost 25
pounds, and I was less and less able to eat every day. Definitely
a downward spiral. So, while I didn't have it nearly as long as
you did, it hit me pretty hard. I did my drugs for ten days (pain
in the neck it was, too, yuck) and while things improved quickly
in just the first few days of taking 'em, I still had some general
stomach upset and yuckiness for probably four to six weeks after the
drugs were done. Improvement was slow and gradual, and at times
I wondered if the giardia was still with me, but eventually
things got back to normal.

I think there's a lot of variability in the type and dosage of
drugs that get prescribed. My MD prescribed a heavy dose of
flagyl, so much so that the pharmacist initially didn't want to
fill it. My PPO whined, too, and said that they would fill it
this once, but in general they substitute a generic...fine with
me, I don't care. I have heard of people doing all their drugs
and still not wiping out the parasite entirely, so if you keep
having symptoms after a while, or if they get worse again, it
might be worth getting that lovely O&P test done again to find
out if the problem's still with you.

Look on the bright side. Next time it won't take you three
months to figure it out, hey? ;-)

:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: ::::::::::::::::::::::::
Mary Malmros Very Small Being
"I would not exchange the sorrows of my heart
for the joys of the multitude"

I developed severe diarrhea the end of July 2017. I lost 10lbs the first week. I thought it was because I had just started a plant based regimen which is normal for me to start because I do it periodically anyway. I called my doc and he thought it was because of the massive fruit that I was consuming and was instructed to go back to my normal eating routine. Two weeks passed and the diarrhea persisted. I dealt with it for 2 MONTHS. Yes, two months, referred to a GI doc which determined I may have giardia. Never heard of it. Of course, I was put on an antibiotic. Finished the meds first week of October. Like Mary, still today I think I still may have giardia. My diarrhea has diminished a lot but like you all, I am now wondering how long does it take to get back to 100% of myself. Reading your stories make me feel better and make me realize it just may need to take some time to get back to normal. After all I did have it for 2 months. Thank you for your stories and I will be a little more patient since its only been about a month when I took my last med.

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Default Recovery time from Giardia?

I’ve been sick for 2 weeks. Have one more day of antibiotics and still have symptoms. Went back to see a doctor because the pain and tiredness was so bad. It is worse than labor pains. Now they want me to do more stool samples because they think there is more going on. Could someone have had this for a while and then it just hits you? I don’t know what to eat anymore, trying not to lose too much weight for I already lost 30lbs last year recovering from breast cancer. I just want my life back! Does anyone know how I can continue to battle this without the antibiotics, I only have 1 day to go and from reading about giardia it seems to multiply.

Advice needed before I loss my mind!
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Default Recovery time from Giardia?

Hi there! I just read your post. I was wondering if you are already feeling ok? I was diagnosed with giardia and it took mos to find out through endoscopy. I was in a lot of pain. I have taken flagyl for a week. Its been a month already since my treatment, I still have constant stomach cramps but it wasn’t as bad as before. I just wanted to know if yout going through the same thing I’m going through. Thanks

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