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Default Jet Ski overheating problem

Texan wrote in

On Tue, 15 Nov 2005 00:22:56 GMT, "Bill McKee"

"otnmbrd" wrote in message

"Bill McKee" wrote in message

Planet Earth. And I am not a sailboater, so know I do not have the
"right of way" over large ships.

Mebbe, mebbe not.


Who has "right of way"?

We call it the "law of Tonnage". If he has enough, he's got the right

G Also discribed as the "Rule of Gross tonnage"

It appears Mr. McKee was either a troll or finally realized he was
beating his head against a brick wall .... at any rate he returned from
whence he came.


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Default Jet Ski overheating problem

Scotty wrote:
wrote ...

Everybody on the Internet is a member of Mensa.
I don't know about that - I'm not, didn't keep up the dues
because I wasn't really getting
much out of it - didn't need to join another club and go to
meetings and events because
my life is already pretty full with the day job, wife, kids,
working weekends as a musician,
and boating. But I was a member for a year or two, just a few
years back; I just took the entrance test
out of curiosity and pride (egotism I guess), was pretty sure
I'd get in and I did. Then I found
out that I didn't even need to take the test, could have gotten
in just by showing my SAT results,
also in the top 2% percentile of the population....not to brag
or anything, but someone in the
post earlier questioned my intelligence, and believe me, it's
not in question.

Dare I ask, then why do you own a PWC?

Think I probably talked about the answers to that one elsewhere in the
thread. I dunno, because I love to be on the water, have fun and be
happy? Because of the freedom, exhiliration, and sense of wonder and
adventure I get from spending weekends exploring and cruising the
waterways near and far eight months out of the year? Because I have
some of the best times of my life riding with my friends, my wife and
kids, and on my own? Just a bug I got some years back like we all did
with boats one way or another. And yes I'd love to also have a bigger
boat but I can't afford it or justify it right now (we do have kayaks,
they're pretty cost-efficient!) - maybe in another fifteen or twenty
years when I'm hoping to have a lot more financial freedom and more
leisure time to use it. In the meantime I put 133 trouble-free hours
on my new 4-stroke waverunner this summer, a lot of new happy memories
and great pictures with my family, kids/cousins, my nephew, our
weeklong anniversary St. Lawrence River riding vacation; and am already
planning trips, vacations and cruises on it for next summer, can't
wait. Plus I can if I want cover 200 miles or more in a day for under
a hundred bucks' worth of gas (don't think you can do that with any
other type of power boat....most people I know with bigger boats just
take a short cruise to a fishing spot or a beach, often the same place
every weekend, and just hang out there for hours and
problem with that but it seems kind of a waste, I and my buddies travel
to different shores from Rhode Island to New Jersey to upstate NY, from
our base in Long Island, every weekend) with plenty of time for beach
breaks, picnics or lunches at waterfront places, hiking, geocaching, I
could fish if I wanted (not my thing particularly) and get into places
I wouldn't be able to in any other kind of boat. I know you were being
funny with the winky-thing, but there are some good reasons I own a pwc
I think.



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