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Edgar wrote:
"cavelamb" wrote in message

The temperature is dropping like a barrel over Niagra Falls today.
Supposed to be 21 at noon today and hold for a few.

Since this is the first boat I've ever had that has plumbing I'm
kind of nervous about all that plumbing freezing up.
So the last few days have been spent digging through her bowels
trying to get all the lines emptied.

I'd almost (today) prefer a cedar bucket.

I may feel different about that in April though.

Freezing water only causes a problem if it has nowhere to go when it
So a bit of stuff in the bottom of your holding tank is not a problem, nor
is a little water lying in a plastic pipe or in the bottom of your fresh
water tank
Just make sure all systems drain at least enough to ensure nothing is chock
full of water with nowhere to expand. I got caught last year with a glass
pressure vessel for the fresh water system that was tucked out of sight
under the sink with inlet and outlet connections at the top and therefore
needed its bowl unscrewing and emptying even after the pipework had been
pumped dry. I replaced it with one which had the connections at the bottom
so it now drains naturally.
If your engine is fresh water cooled it should have antifreeze in it but it
will pay to disconnect the salt water inlet hose and suck enough antifreeze
up it so that both sides of the heat exchanger are protected, plus he
exhaust line..
If you leave batteries on board they will be Ok if fully charged but will
freeze and become useless if discharged. If your bilge pump is automatic it
should be disconnected from the batteries otherwise it may burn itself out
or blow its fuse if it freezes in the 'on' position. Some water is likely to
get into the bilge via the mast if it is stepped onto the keel so an
automatic bilge pump may try and start.

Thanks Edgar.

I've been doing some custom work inside.
New cabinet work, new electrical panel location, so it was necessary to
disconnect the batteries and shore power for a while.
Batteries were fully charged, so I think they will be ok for a while.
But I will be glad to get power hooked back up soon.

My boat has an outboard motor and the bilges stay bone dry.
I had a little rain leak around the chain plates, but that's fixed now.
Not having the bilge pumps on line doesn't worry me as much as the cold.
(I check on her every day since I'm in there working on stuff)

Starboard side is pretty much done.
The port side has the electrical panel, so it's a bit more involved
and taking a bit longer. (but I'm ready for it to be done...)

Scroll down about 1/2 way to the Old/New Arrangement.

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Old December 10th 09, 12:38 AM posted to
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On Wed, 09 Dec 2009 14:00:07 -0600, Vic Smith

On Wed, 09 Dec 2009 21:06:34 +0700, Bruce In Bangkok

I'm not a real aficionado of marine toilets at any time but a thousand
dollars to take a crap?

Hehe. You didn't price in the TP.
There's similar toilets that cost a couple hundred less.
For installation of a first head, the premium comes down when you
subtract what the cost of a common marine head, holding tank, etc
would be.
But some of the owners say they have replaced functioning marine
head systems with the Airhead. Gets them space, and they can close
off thruhulls. And no more pumpouts.
Different strokes. I kind of like the idea myself.
Easy when you don't have a boat.


And a black plastic bucket, used around construction sites here, cost
about 75 cents..... Stores in a seat locker... easily replaced if



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