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Old March 3rd 04, 12:53 AM
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Default help me find a river

I am trying to find a river, for my friends and
I to do a week long canoe trip, but I don't know where to
look. If anyone knows of a good book, or series of books covering
rivers on the east coast, or has any other information, I would be
greatly appreciative. please e-mail me at ,
or post a response
thankyou Adam

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Old March 8th 04, 04:44 PM
Chris Kelly
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Default help me find a river

Adam, We need a bit more information.

Have you canoed much before this? What I actually want to know
is: to what extent do you know what you are doing? Many of us
will be
reluctant to give advice if we are thinking we are sending
newbies off to
get hurt in the woods.

How much wilderness do yo want?

How far are you willing to drive and from where?

Do yo have your own gear? If so, what is it?

There are lots of trips that fit your bill; ie, a week long canoe
trip in the east. If you tell us more about your party and your
desires we can help more. Chris Kelly
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Old March 18th 04, 12:24 AM
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Default help me find a river

Ok, I should have been more specific. We will probably be a between
five and
ten people, All of us have been going on 3 1/2 week canoe trips for
the past four years. We are now too old,(17-19) and although we all
feel comfortable in the wilderness, We have never planned trips on our
own. and of course, not having a good plan invites disaster. We will
be renting canoes, most of us have our own paddles and pfd's. We will
also be renting either water proof barrels, or wanagons. We all have
our own personal gear, packs, dry bags, tents, cook-kits etc...We are
looking for something with reasonably challenging white water, (
canoes, probably no spray skirts). Within reasonable hiking distance
of help, and not too congested with people. We are looking on the East
coast, prefferably the north east. Transportation is not a major issue
yet, as we havent finalized our group. All of these factors have some
flexibilty. I will have Taken my WFR course in may, And all of us know
basic first aid. We all practice Leave No Trace. Basically I made this
post, because I want to continue to canoe through the wilderness, But
I dont know where To look. So If you could tell me, even just How to
find a good stretch of river
If you need more Info just let me know bby post or email
thanks for responding. - adam
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Old March 19th 04, 04:51 PM
Chris Kelly
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Default help me find a river

OK, given these criteria, I 'd look at some of the rivers in Maine;
the Kennebec or the Penobscot perhaps. You can get enough length to
give you a multi day trip on water that will be manageable. There are
several outfitters up there who will rent canoes.
Don't let your eyes be bigger than your tummy in the whitewater area.
A multi day trip is not a good place to have a busted boat or a lot
of lost gear or an injured person. If you want to spend time with
whitewater then consider actually going somewhere and doing whitewater
day trips. Take a look at the Nantahala Outdoor Center. Maybe you
want to think about going there and actually learning how to paddle
kayaks or whitewater canoes in whitewater. I bet if you have a group
they would discuss setting up an instruction class for just your
group. There is good camping and you would learn a whole lot about
paddling. It would be very worthwhile to do it so young because even
if you did not decide to become whiteater paddlers, the skill would be
very transferable to future wilderness trips. Plus, you will have a
very good time
Good luck!! Chris Kelly
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Old April 2nd 04, 02:05 AM
Steve Drossel
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Default help me find a river

If nobody in your group has an idea of where to try...everyone, and I
mean EVERYONE needs to take somekind of organizational "Advanced"
lessons, whether it be touring canoes, WW_canoes, touring_kayaks, or
If you don't "Know" your medium and your limitations(Please excuse the
Clint Eastwood line;-)...become more skilled at whatever you're
planning to do. Trips will be infinitely more enjoyable once you get
beyond the "having to focus on the paddling" part.

Have a great Spring & Summer...
my $.01

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