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Old September 16th 03, 02:30 AM
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Default Looking for that upgade to the oc-1 ww

Pepe, I saw the pics at, and you are quite the photographer.

Thanks Jim I have a background in Fine Art photography and have worked
a pro in advertizing and architectural photography but it's been quite
a few
years since I've done any photography for a living with any
regularity. All the
photography you've seen is all done with a point and shoot Pentax WR90
and of course I tweaked the images in Photoshop. Recently I bought a
waterproof enclosure so I can take my Nikon but it's still quite bulky
and cumbersome to take on the river. It's pretty hard to beat the WR90
for convenience, rugedness, waterproofness in a small package to hang
from my PFD.

I have wondered about Talking rock before and wanted to try it. Are
there good stretches of class II/III or only a few rapids spread out?
And are there multiple put-ins and take-outs, or does it have to be a
long trip?

About my outfitting, I've taken out the rear seat (which is in the
front since I paddle the boat backwards) and put in a large float bag
with an aprin over it to avoid scooping water when I drop into pools.
I have a kneeling pad just behind center and get up into my seat and
paddle when I'm not in rough water.

Most of the decent rapids are after about the half way point which is
the cliffs and Talking Rock Rapids are located and from what I
those cliffs are "Talking Rock". The highest I've ever done it is like
2.6 and
the rapids are very tame and I don't know if I would classify any of
above II+ at that level. On the other hand down at the bottom of my
AWA page
some other fellow posted some images of TRock rapids at 4+ feet and it
quite fun. There are 2 put ins listed in one of the No. Ga canoeing
by Sehlinger and Otey. I've only used the one listed on the map link I
on the AWA site. From what I understand to put in at the higher one it
to be running near the 3 ft range and it's not very scenic and it's
populated. As far as take outs there are none listed in the books I've
looked at or have heard of other than going all the way to the HWY 136
out at the lake. I've traced the distance in my Topo and total trip to
lake take out is 14 miles. It's generally a 6 hour trip at an easy
pace with
lunch and pee/stretch stops.

Some one once told me that they took out before the flat last coupla
ther's generally pretty good head winds on those flats. They took out
on private land. Someone they were with knew the folks that owned the
land. So short of knowing someone with some land up there it's a 14
mile, 6hr +/- paddle The trip is definetly worth it but I much prefer
it as an overnighter.

I never use the seats in the Appy even with the boat backwards when
The boat gets very bow light and doesn't track very well and if theres
little wind then it's extra dificult to paddle straight because of the
weather cocking. I have found that the most efficient way to paddle
the Appy
in flat water is Canadian style which is where you kneel just aft of
and shift the weight and your knees to your "on side" this in effect
the boat to your on side and the boat chine becomes sort of a keel
This helps to track better plus puts you closer to the gunwales where
don't hafta reach out as far to keep your paddle perpendicular to the
water and keeps your corrective strokes to a minimum.I'm not sure
about this but I believe it also minimizes the boat to watercontact
area offering less resistance. I'm my New river pix page there are a
coupla shots that my bud took of me in my red Cascade from behind
where you see my boat heavily listing to the left. I you haven't yet
tried this give it a go and you'll be surprised at the difference of
how the Appy will paddle in flat water. Having a kneeling thwart near
mid boat is great for this type of paddling.

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Old September 16th 03, 05:32 PM
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Default Looking for that upgade to the oc-1 ww

I'm not sure if it'd be any
wetter than any of the others you've mentioned

But for a boat that is playful but can still carry some gear, I'd
definately give the Shaman a look..or talk to Craig at Mohawk or
Harold Deal!

Good Luck,

I couldn't wait to sit in my new Outrage. Then after reading more and
more I was imagining being on my favorite section of my favorite river
in my new Probe 12. Then I decided to take it up one small notch with
a Probe12II. I put a picture of it on my computer desktop and
couldn't wait to make the purchase.

The picture has been changed to a Shaman.

I didn't really consider the Ovation. It just happened to be the boat
I was paddling when I knew I needed another boat. You probably make a
good point about the Shaman being as dry as any other boat of its
type. It will just give me an opportunity to practice blocking, I
guess, which sounds like a very fun thing to learn. And it very much
appears to me that with carefull trimming I wouldn't loose very much
performance at all with a load.

Thanks again. Maybe I'll be reporting my first run soon.

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