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Default Looking for that upgade to the oc-1 ww

I'm not sure if it'd be any
wetter than any of the others you've mentioned

But for a boat that is playful but can still carry some gear, I'd
definately give the Shaman a look..or talk to Craig at Mohawk or
Harold Deal!

Good Luck,

I couldn't wait to sit in my new Outrage. Then after reading more and
more I was imagining being on my favorite section of my favorite river
in my new Probe 12. Then I decided to take it up one small notch with
a Probe12II. I put a picture of it on my computer desktop and
couldn't wait to make the purchase.

The picture has been changed to a Shaman.

I didn't really consider the Ovation. It just happened to be the boat
I was paddling when I knew I needed another boat. You probably make a
good point about the Shaman being as dry as any other boat of its
type. It will just give me an opportunity to practice blocking, I
guess, which sounds like a very fun thing to learn. And it very much
appears to me that with carefull trimming I wouldn't loose very much
performance at all with a load.

Thanks again. Maybe I'll be reporting my first run soon.