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Doug Dotson
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Default Dual banks with Duo charge?

I guess different folks have different experiences. I have had nothing
but Ample Power products for the past 8 years. The only failure
I have had was a failed power supply that was 2 years old. They
replaced it without blinking an eye. Their email tech support has
always been helpful in the rare occation I needed it.

s/v Callista

"Rusty O" wrote in message
Several models of Balmar alternators are available with dual outputs. I
believe these are part of their 90, 91, and 912 series models. I have a

amp, 12 volt model with dual outputs. It eliminates the need for any
external isolators, Duo-Charge, Echo-Charge or other devices. You still

need a single regulator with these alternators. It automatically

the 100 amps to the two separate batteries as needed.

If you want to use a single output alternator there are several products

the market that will sense the charging voltage and parallel the batteries
for charging and separate them when charging is complete. Some of these

allow you to manually parallel the batteries without a high current

One model is the Xantrex Pathmaker which is available in 100 and 250 amp
models and 2 or 3 battery banks.

The Balmar Duo-Charge is limited to 30 amps of charging to the second
battery. However, it also allows the batteries to be of different
construction. As an example, you could have a flooded cell house battery

an AGM or Gel starting battery.

I'm sure the Ample Power Eliminator is a fine product. I talked to them at
the Seattle boat show several years ago about a complete charging and
monitoring system for my boat. After that conversation I wrote up a

request for quote listing each component I needed. It included a diesel
generator, alternators for the main engine, regulators, and all

They never responded to my request. If there is no service before the

how much service will there be after the sale? During this same time

they put a huge amount of energy into a very public ****ing contest with

of their competitors over who knew best about batteries and how to charge

Two years later I asked them about my request at the boat show. A few

later I received a very sloppy quote that didn't include all the items I
requested. The system now installed has NO products for Ample Power. And

will stay that way.

Rusty O