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Default ANOTHER question

"Chuck Tribolet" wrote in message

If I ever copy a DSC distress signal, and don't hear the CG get involved

in about
2 minutes, I'm getting on 16 and calling them.

Exactly what the skipper in my story did, Chuck (as clueless as he was about
DSC,) so.... kudos to his actions.

I would do the would most here.... Was stupid of me to assume
that DSC was up and running (in Chesapeake regions) without knowing for
sure. I need to make more frequent stops to the NAVCEN pages.....

ANYONE know for sure if the DSC radios "keep watch" on 70 as a matter of
design....perhaps once you have enabled the system with your MMSI?

NOW...another question. Is there a mechanism (through an FCC form
perhaps....I have a ship station license) to MODIFY information about my
boat to reflect recent changes:

Changed registration (State) so my "identifying numbers" have changed.

Color of vessel has changed.

Noticed through the FCC general menu seach pages that I need to make a few
changes to the information I submitted two years ago at licensure
application. Here's the most useful link so you can check YOURS:

My thanks in advance....'73
s/v "South of 80"
Charlestown, MD