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Default Perkins Prima 500

Am checking out a home-built (superficially, to a high standard)
Roberts 370 (cutter version). I have a question about the engine the
builder/owner installed: the Perkins "Prima" 500. It has just over
1,000 hours on it and has seen one trip to and from the Bahamas. The
boat in question is currently on the hard in eastern Ontario (i.e.
fresh water). The engine was installed in 1997 when the boat was
built. I have not established if it was new or used in 1997.

Any thoughts on the quality, durability and parts cost and
availability of this Perkins model? I understand it's a four cylinder,
50 HP model, which sounds pretty beefy for a 17,000 lb. 37 footer, but
that's no objection.

I am aware of the great rep the Perkins 4-108 had for so many years,
and this was the sucessor model, or so I believe. I am finding it
difficult to garner comments one way or another online.

Any comments, criticisms and real-life experience would be
appreciated. I find a lot of English engineering, particularly
electrical, to be dodgy, and want to know if in the greater scheme of
this potential purchase, the engine is a plus or a minus.