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Default Yanmar 1GM10 3 view drawing


"terry" skrev i en meddelelse
you might be able to go to their website and find dxf drawings but i doubt
you will find the 3d cad drawings.

i had the same issue with westerburke so i downloaded the dxf and created
the 3d drawings.

good luck

If you can get your hands on tradisional top, side, fornt view drawings, you
don't need much CAD skills, to produce a Solid with the same proportions as
the engine.
If what you need, is a Solid to subtract the engine foundations so the
engine will fit exactly in a new designs framework , 3 section drawings is
almost as good as a 3D model, ------- but you don't write if you want a 3D
true model, or just a shaped outher limits Solid.