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Default Is there a way to import CAD drawing files (.dwg) into Fugawi?

hydro_survey wrote:


How do i plot to a raster file? what are examples of raster files? Are
these the files on the CAD export list?

OK, my Acad is 2000i and things may have changed, but I suspect this
hasn't. You can configure a "plotter" to make a .jpg file of any
pspace layout. The process will want to know how many pixels in each
direction and the way to figure this out is to take say 150 dots/inch
times the numbe of inches your layout is each way.

Essentially, rather than exporting a CAD file, you are using the plot
process to make a picture of your drawing, which you can then import
into Fugawi.

I spoke too soon when I said Fugawi wanted either UTM or lat/lon -- it
is happy with any grid, but it is my handheld GPS that has the

Hope this helps,
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