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Default Suzuki DF4 vs. DF6

On Sun, 6 Apr 2008 00:00:10 -0700 (PDT), Jay

On Apr 5, 7:20*pm, "Wilbur Hubbard"
"Bruce in Bangkok" wrote in messagenews:[email protected] .com...

I hate to sound like an old man (even if I am) but in my younger days
a 5 H.P. motor was considered a "fishing boat" motor. A fishing boat
being a well built (i.e., heavy) wooden 14 - 16 foot boat. Now 'a days
it seems to take at least 50 H.P to push he same boat -- maybe the
horses are getting smaller?

In your younger days motors ran on steam!

Wilbur Hubbard

Bruce, was Wilbur being unkind to you? Actually, the horses
aren't getting smaller, it's just that the hardwiring in the brains of
some today can only produce one thought---there is no substitute for
having the biggest one in the group. Although they're talking about
their boat motors, we all know the basis for that psychological
affliction of only the biggest is the best. LOLOL But all we wanna
do is putt-putt-putt around the nice quiet, placid lake and soak up
some water skiing, no planing, no drag racing, no attempts
to cross the Pacific via Hawaii...just putt, putt, putt, putt, putt, ya think the DF4 will do
that huh?


Actually I have Willie-boy kill filed so the only time I see his
messages are when someone quotes him. Strangely, I don't miss him at
all :-)

No, when I was a young fella outboards were the thing.

I have seen an 18 ft. dory with an inboard, New Foundland built, one
cylinder engine with an external flywheel and crank, directly coupled
to the prop shaft . If you retarded the spark (and you were both
adroit and lucky) you could get the thing to stall and restart in
reverse. Probably a four H.P. engine and the guy was running abou100
lobster traps with the boat - pulling 50 traps a day -- by hand.

Funny how people used to get along without the SUV's and color TV. My
grandpa cut all the wood to heat a two bedroom house in upstate New
England, by himself. Took most of the month of September. With a hand
saw and an axe and he was in his 70's. Never owned a chain saw.

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