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Default Inmarsat-B modem problem

On Sun, 17 Feb 2008 22:24:20 GMT, Bruce in alaska

In article
PizzaFoundry wrote:

Don't know if there's a more suitable group for this but I thought I'd
try here first. Furuno Felcom 82A, using Skyfile, upon initiating an
exchange, getting a message "Transfer, init error
Step 2! and sometimes "CTS low - check modem". Can't send or receive
emails due to this problem, as the first few at commands go through
but then it blows at the cts problem.

Have gone though some basic at settings suggested in manual via
hypertrm, at replies get good ok responses everywhere. Feels like a
stupid setting problem somewhere but damned if I can find it. Or
maybe the modem is actually hosed. Not yet willing to default the 82,
as not sure customer has settings saved anywhere and I'm not familiar
enough with it yet to even know how to get settings OUT of it.


"Transfer, init error" Looks like the IP Address of is not opening Ports 21 or 48 for traffic, and, or,
your modem is not sending the CTS (Clear to Send) Flag to the Computer,
which would indicate an Initialization Error, somewhere.....YMMV

It looks an awful lot like the date (Feb. 16, 2008) and time (8:21 and
48 seconds).


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