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Default fuel / oil ratio - 1998 Mercury 40 HP

Find yourself an Ams/Oil dealer in the phonebook. They make
the best synthetics in the business. Have been using it
since 1975 and have no problem.
Capt. boots
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Sorry for the basic question - but been pilfering through

the groups
and info online and still not sure what the fuel / oil

ratio should be
for my engine. It's a 1998 Mercury 40 HP... could someone


50:1, but with the ethanol, I'd use 40:1

Also, what's the latest on running synthetics?

I run synthetics all the time. Of course I have different
than you do, but I use synthetic oils in all my two-stroke
equipment like trimmer, leaf blower, hedge clippers, etc.
The odd
thing is that I use, get this, FICHT oil and it actually
seems to help
- doesn't smell as bad, the starts are quicker and, this is
totally subjective, a tad more power.

Is that a religious question?

Around here, you never know.

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