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Charles d'Autremont
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Yep, the SOAR is a slug on fla****er and windy days. This can be
significantly improved by gluing a plug in the floor pressure relief valve.

Basically it is like paddling an air mattress. And yet, and yet! There are

Much more forgiving. I have paddled one in Grand Canyon and probably would
not paddle the Old Town down there.

A big plus is that there is now a nifty rowing rig for this boat which makes
it like an old fashioned cataract canoe.

It fits in my plane.

It goes on the airlines. Put it in a golf bag.

Perfect? No. Good solo self support boat on the San Juan, Desolation, etc.

Pump is a pain, but so is a wrap.

Tell me about the Yaqui. I too live in the southwest.



"pjbphd" wrote in message
news:[email protected]
I'm trying to make a decision on a canoe purchase and I hope someone in
group can offer some advice and perhaps opinions.

I live and canoe rivers in the southwest United States and northwest
Places like the Green, San Juan, and Yaqui Rivers. I'm usually out for a
week, give or take a day, and with one or two other two person boats in
parties. As you can imagine, rivers here vary considerably depending upon
the water year and other factors. We generally run up to class three
and often have to drag boats over rocks in some shallow reaches. We also
occasionally T-bone a boulder or two while on the water. The conditions
be hard on canoes.

In the past I've used Old Town Appalachians
( and Mad River
which I think has been replaced by the Explorer 16rx
(, both
ft Royalex boats. We are carrying a lot of gear, but also need
maneuverability in swift water.

On a trip last year, some friends brought a SOAR 16 ft inflatable boat
( I was extremely impressed with how
forgiving it was on rocks and its handling in some rapids that we in the
Royalex boats needed to line. It's also self bailing which of course
when we take on some water in the middle of a run. The downside is, it's
more expensive, and although SOAR claims it has a cargo capacity of 17 +
cubic feet, it certainly carried less gear than the thin hulled Old Towns
and Mad Rivers. I've also been told that being an inflatable, they are
slugs in a headwind, something we invariably get a day or two of on any

My choice is coming down to the Appalachian and the SOAR 16. I'd like to
hear any recommendations on the boats, as well as necessary accessories
either one. I also sea kayak so I have the usual stuff, PFDs, dry bags,
etc. For accessories I'm thinking more along the lines of seat upgrades,
expedition repair kits, etc.

Thanks in advance.


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