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The Rotavecta sends a series of pulses out, which essentially give you wind
speed. If you then measure the mark space ratio of each pulse, the ratio
will be seen to change, as the unbalanced bit comes away from the wind the
rotational speed will increase and then decrease as the tab goes back toward
the wind. From this it is then possible to determine speed and direction.
If my memory is correct there are two streams of pulses at 90 degrees out of
phase and direction from an absolute can be derived.

"Theo Weber" wrote in message
I only have details for an ST60 speed/direction transducer. If you
contact CMC in Mississauga, they should be able to help you out. Alan
Thomsen was the person I dealt with when I troubleshot my system and he
was quite knowledgeable. Cheers


Steve Thomas wrote:

Anyone know how to test one of these, or what the electrical
characteristics should be?