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Default Time limit for hearing (not filing) protest

For most Regatta's "Sailing Instructions" are issued to all the
participants and I assume at yours as well.
Protest and the "how to" and "its timelines" are published.
What were the instructions for your race(s)??--
You cannot deviate from the SI.
c ya Wim

wrote in message
: I was just informed last week that I was being protested for a race
: that was held at the end of Aug. At the end of the race in question,
: another boat informed me that he was protesting me for a foul right
: before the start. I was unaware during the race that he had protested
: me, and was surprised that there was a foul.
: I heard nothing of this protest, and assumed the other skipper had
: decided against going thru with it. But last week I learned
: otherwise. It was the fault of the fleet captain, he never scheduled
: a protest hearing, so I have no fault with the other skipper, he has
: told me he attempted to have the hearing, But since nearly 3 months
: have gone by, is there any limit on the hearing of a protest? My only
: concern is that since so much time has transpired, it will be
: difficult to potentially find witnesses to the incident.
: Oh, and all racing is finished for the year, the final series scoring
: has been published, and the race in question will not alter any of the
: results.