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On 1/23/2016 1:00 PM, Keyser Söze wrote:
On 1/23/16 8:28 AM, Mr. Luddite wrote:
On 1/23/2016 8:26 AM, John H. wrote:

Can I borrow your snow plow...please?

We've got a little over a foot, and I just don't feel like shovelling.

I feel for you guys in this storm's path. Snow is a pain in the ass and
more so the older you get. Forecast for our area has upped the
snowfall amounts but still not a "killer" storm. Probably get 10" or

We have at least 12" in the yard, not counting drifts, and it is suppose
to continue snowing through most of today. The plow guy hopes to get to
us tomorrow evening or early Monday. I'd not in any rush to head out
anywhere, anyway. We are putting seed out on sheets of cardboard for the
birds and are getting a lot of colorful traffic in the backyard.

Wind picks up every so often.

I had just come in from picking up a bunch of ice melt at Lowe's and
then putting the plow back on the truck when our land line phone rang.
It rarely rings, so I thought it was unusual. Answered it and it was
a recorded message from the Town's Emergency Management Department.

The message was that the Black tie Bingo game at the town Senior Center
for this evening has been canceled due to the snowstorm.

That was it.

WTF? Does the town have a data base of every resident over the age of 65?

Cracked me up.