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John Fereira
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Default perception or dagger

"Michael Daly" wrote in

On 25-Apr-2004, (Dxmetal2003) wrote:

1) Perception 17 eclipse : 2) Perception 16.5 shadow :

Neither of these kayaks performs well in rough conditions and wind.
My SO unloaded her Shadow and got a Solstice GTS.

I haven't paddled any of those in rough conditions but rented a Shadow for a
weekend. I'm about the same size as Dxmetal2003 and the Shadow fit me
*much* better than the Eclipse

I con't comment on Dagger products - the only Dagger I ever got in
was an Ocoee and that's not even a kayak (some would say it's not
a proper canoe either :-)

Unfortunately i do not have a mean to demo these boats personally
before the purchase.

Then you're taking a big risk. I would never buy a kayak based on a
recommendation - especially one from the Internet. Would you buy
hiking boots based on opinions without ever trying them on?

What I have to wonder is if he doesn't have the means to demo those boats
personally why limit the choices to Dagger and Perception.