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Default Where to find ramp stories?

"Rod McInnis" wrote in message
A couple of weeks ago I watched an operation that I still haven't figured
out. Maybe someone else knows what was going on....

Sounds like an insurance issue to me.


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Default Where to find ramp stories?

Sounds like an insurance issue to me.


I was just thinking the same thing myself.. Take the motor off and sell it,
Tow the boat into deep water and let it and the trailer sink..

File claim


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Backyard Renegade
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Default Where to find ramp stories?

"Rod McInnis" wrote in message ...
A couple of weeks ago I watched an operation that I still haven't figured
out. Maybe someone else knows what was going on....

This takes place on the California Delta, near Stockton, at a marina called
"Tiki Lagun". It somehow involves a well known party spot called "Lost

I am still curious why they wanted a trailer at Lost Isle, and then what
they did with the boat afterwards.....

Rod McInnis

Did the driver look anything like this?:
Just wondering.. Scotty
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Ron M.
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Default Where to find ramp stories?

I love boat ramp stories. Since I live a few hundred yards from the
one I use, I've got plenty of them, not just from using it, but we
often take walks that go past the ramp. In general, I find three
basic types of "boat ramp incidents."

1. The usual fumble-bum boat ramp dingbats. Rolling boats off of
trailers onto the concrete, burning rubber trying to pull out,
forgetting to raise the engine and driving off with the skeg gouging
the pavement, etc.

2. The guy who can't start his engine. This happens a LOT. Joe Schmoe
lets his boat sit in the driveway for 6 months, then decides to "go
boating." So they're all backed down into the water, packed with skis,
vests, ice chests, fishing tackle, and a bunch of excited people
including the wife, kids, dogs, neighbors, and maybe the boss and his
wife. Everybody has a huge smile, ready to go out and have some fun.

He starts the motor: VRMMmmmmmm. Nothing. "Kinda hard to start
sometimes, heh..." VRMMmmmmmm. Nothing. VRMMmmm. vrmm. vrmm.
vrmm... click and the battery's drained. Boy, talk about ugly
facial expressions (especially the wife's). I see this all the time.

3. The idiot who hogs or blocks the ramp. The ones who sit there
backed into the water, for 30 minutes loading stuff onto the boat,
removing the boat cover, etc. while everybody waits in line.

Or the one who pulls his boat JUST off the ramp, then sits there 30
minutes UNLOADING his boat, putting the cover back on, etc. while
everybody waits in line.

Last summer, I saw the Grand Champion of this type. Our boat ramp is
about 2 trailers wide, OK? So this guy pulls up towing a ski boat, and
parks it ACROSS the top of the ramp, completely blocking it. Three
vehicles, trailers in tow (including me) were waiting in line at this
time, and more were approaching.

The guy got out of his car and casually walked down the 200 foot
walkway to the marina to use the bathroom and buy some munchies. 10
minutes later, he's strolling back up the walkway, and he stopped and
just STOOD there, leaning over the rail, looking at the water and
watching the fish! All this time, half a dozen vehicles sitting just
a few feet away, engines running, waiting to launch. Finally, he
slowly, casually strolled back up to his vehicle, got in, fiddled with
something for a minute, started his engine and drove off, as if nobody
else were even there.

Incredible, some people. I can't find the words for it. Just

Ron M.
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Default Where to find ramp stories?

On Sat, 6 Dec 2003 20:45:01 -0500, "Gary Warner"

10 minutes later, we hear a sickening crunch from the launch ramp. Someone
had backed a chunky Four Winns cuddy down the ramp with the winch cable and
safety chain unsecured (why do people do that?) The Winns slid 1/3 of the
way off the trailer about 10 feet from the water's edge, crunching the
outdrive. With muscle power and the winch we put it back on the trailer
enough for them to get it on the water (I think they were just going to
reposition it on the trailer, not launch it, since we could not get it all
the way forward on the trailer by hand.) I guess sometimes you can back
down the ramp with the boat totally unsecured... and sometimes you can't.

Actually, that explains it. I think most people know that you can
only back a boat down the ramp unsecured if the bunks are perfectly
dry, and even then it's questionable. If you've already launched the
boat that day, be careful!

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Default Where to find ramp stories?

I use to be at a marina where there was a patio/snack bar right next to the
launch ramp.. On weekend I would join a couple friends for morning coffee
and watch the fun on the ramp..

I don't think there is any story that I would be surprised at..

However. This one isn't funny, it was sad to me..

This fellow backs down the ramp with his BIG SUV and trailer with a pair of
JetSki .. He has one teen and several pre teen kids with him.. You would
think this was a happy family, except during the entire operation he has a
cell phone up to his ear and is chatting with someone on the phone.. Anytime
his kids said anything, you would stop with the cell phone long enough to
scold them, then back on the phone, 'chat and chuckle!'

Believe it or not he managed to launch the Jetskies without ever putting the
cell phone down. The kids didn't seem to be getting anything out of the
whole thing..

From where I was sitting I couldn't see if you continued his cell phone chat
when he mounted the Jetski.. I can only speculate.

s/v Good Intentions

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