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Default How sweet it is...

Keyser Soze Wrote in message:
On 9/1/19 10:36 AM, wrote: On Sun, 1 Sep 2019 07:53:32 -0400, Keyser Soze wrote: On 9/1/19 7:42 AM, Mr. Luddite wrote: On 9/1/2019 7:21 AM, Keyser Soze wrote: ...for consumers to wake up to price increases in hundreds of products thanks to Donald the Moron. Quote from WashPost: The casualty list from the U.S.-China trade war will include American consumers on Sunday when Donald Trump+IBk-s next round of tariffs on Chinese products takes effect, capping a month of contradictory policy announcements and second thoughts. At 12:01 a.m., U.S. customs will begin collecting a 15 percent tax on products such as clothing, footwear, pens, pencils, diapers, Bluetooth ear buds, televisions, golf clubs and fishing line. The official list of affected items runs *114* single-spaced pages. +IBw-This is the first time U.S. consumers will see the costs quite directly, right as we head into the busiest shopping time of the year,+IB0 said Edward Alden, an economics professor at Western Washington University. - - - - - - - - - - Stores should have little signs made that say "Price Increases due to Trump's Moronic Tariff War" For over three decades now the government of China has been exerting its economic influence globally with the USA bearing the brunt of Chinese actions and policies. The Chinese government has had little regard for internationally accepted recognition of intellectual property and have increased totally lopsided trade policies that are designed to benefit China exclusively. Past US presidents and administrations have had little appetite to confront the Chinese government regarding these issues and, as a result, China's economic benefits and global influence on trade has continued to unfairly grow. Trump is the first POTUS to address this with attempts to make trade and intellectual property issues more fair. I applaud his efforts. Ha ha ha ha. China isn't paying for Trump's moronic tariffs...American consumers and companies are. As for "addressing" China's "unfair" economic influence and refusal to honor the rights of intellectual property owners, well, there's no reason to believe Trump's trade war will do that. "Look for the union label" doesn't mean anything to you anymore? This from a guy who pays no attention to paying for the intellectual property he downloads and plays?

I'll bet you think it's ok for you to steal intellectual property
though. Fat Harry thinks he is imune to being labeled a thief for
the various underhanded financial moves he's made. Ultimately,
American citizens have had to pay for Fat Harry's thievery.


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