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Default OT Bush's lies upon lies.

Would you, even if you were a narrow minded conservative, vote for
this man?

And the lies, the flagrant GOP bitch slappings of the American public,
the maniacal jabs straight in eye of truth with the icepick of utter
BS, have just reached some sort of critical mass, some sort of
saturation point of absurdity and pain and ridiculousness and you just
have to stand up and applaud.

Really. It's almost as if you should cheer the invidiousness, it is so
spectacular, unprecedented, the tower of lies reaching the point where
you, Jaded and Benumbed American Citizen, are forced to either recoil
and ignore and deny, succumb and scream and laugh, or, like Bush
himself, just sort of stand there, wide eyed, dumfounded, blinking
hard, looking more blank and confused than ever, as the unified BushCo
front begins to gloriously unravel.

This much we now know, as compiled by the CIA and the U.N. and U.S.
military leaders and Bush's own teams of experts and scientists and
lackeys and pretty much anyone with any sort of common sense or astute
observation as yet unclouded and unmisled by the raging masturbatory
pro-war gropings of, say, Fox News. A brief summary:

Saddam was all over 9/11. Funny how U.S. intelligence never found a
single connection. Funny how BushCo knowingly led the nation on to
believe there was one. Funny how the only role Saddamn actually played
in 9/11 was to watch it unfold on CNN and exclaim, "Holy Allah with a
case of Cuban cigars, Hashim, a million dinars says BushCo uses that
as an excuse to come swipe our oil and pump up Halliburton and build a
Starbucks in downtown Baghdad! Prepare the escape pod!"
Iraq was al Qaeda's bitch. See above. Fact is, U.S. intelligence found
no proven link between Iraq and any recent terrorism threats against
the U.S. Fact is, bin Laden hated Saddam and denounced his socialist
Baath party as "infidels.". Fact is, BushCo worked extremely hard to
manipulate the media to make you think the two were so close they
might as well have been gay lovers. Curiously, this sinister
obfuscation is still not clear to millions of Americans most of whom
tend to live in Texas and/or anywhere near major military
manufacturing plants. Go figure.
Those 9/11 terrorists? Buncha snarling Iraqis. Well, no. Most were, in
fact, Saudi. There were no Iraqis at all. Saudi Arabia remains a
desperately important American ally, one that provides billions in
U.S. investment and hence BushCo loves them and kisses their rings and
doesn't say a peep about the millions they also give to terrorist
cells -- like, say, those of al Qaeda -- to protect their oil fields.
Saddam has millions of drumfuls of scary chemicals ready at a moment's
notice to poison the entire world and most of EuroDisney. Not even
close. Huge chunks of "proof" of Iraq's purported chemical-weapons and
nuclear-weapons programs have already been dismissed by U.N.
inspectors and weapons experts. Saddam did, however, possess large
quantities of bootlegged Britney Spears posters, which, if dropped on
Israel, would have certainly caused pandemonium if not outright
giggling and many heavy longing sighs.
Saddam scored uranium from Niger to make nukes. This is so cutely
wrong it's painful. The document stating this was forged and bogus and
BushCo knew it and referenced it anyway in the State of the Union
address to help justify the war, and now he's all flustered and
denying everything and the CIA director is bumbling in as the fall
guy, and oh my freaking God do they ever think you are stupid.
The war on Iraq will be as easy as lancing a boil on Dick Cheney's
forehead. Yes! Instant and painless and easy it will be, and it will
inflict minimal casualties and we'd be all done in a week and America
will be back home and happily watching "The Bachelorette" and the
world would love us and see how glorious and righteous we are and
everyone will convert to Christianity and join Promise Keepers and the
700 Club and never have sex and we will ban all icky gay people to
Canada. Whee!
Or not. Never you mind that thousands of soldiers are to be stationed
in Afghanistan and Iraq "indefinitely," for years to come. Or that
more than half of the U.S. Army's entire combat force is bogged down
in Iraq right now. Or that U.S. soldiers are still dying in Iraq every
day, more than 80 so far (33 in hostile fire), with more to come,
endless guerrilla warfare possibly requiring even more U.S. troops,
months after BushCo declared the war essentially over. Whoops. Gosh.

The Jessica Lynch "rescue" was all-American heroism at its finest. So
cute. The "rescue" was actually all-American Pentagon PR bulls** at
its finest, a rather embarrassingly staged hoax so full of overblown
stunts and dumb machismo and awkward twists that not even Fox News
would touch the story after a while, and they'll run anything. No
wonder the Pentagon has refused to release the unedited video footage
of the "rescue."

Iraq's oil money will go straight to "liberated" Iraqi people.
Seriously now. Did anyone really ever believe this, even in their most
drunken and heavily Xanaxed state? The money, of course, is going
straight into U.S. and U.K. coffers as "payment" for the Gulf War,
with only a fraction going for "rebuilding." But the bottom line is,
we control the oil. We control Iraq's billions. We do not care who
knows it. Special note from Donny "Beady Eyes" Rumsfeld to all you
people who somehow genuinely believed we bombed Iraq for the
betterment of the Iraqi people: Tthhppbbbhhhppbb.
Oh my God look just look at all those scary WMDs. There are no WMDs.
There are no WMDs. There are no WMDs. And there never were. Two little
words from BushCo, straight to you: Ha-ha, suckers.
The list goes on. This list is nearly endless. The list is growing and
expanding and now threatens to split and explode and spread like some
sort of giant viscous blob and invade small towns and kill plants and
induce women to slap their hands to their faces and scream while it
slowly steamrolls innocent children as they innocently stand there in
the street playing innocent Frisbee, innocently.

And there are others. There are flagrant lies and cover-ups and
misprisions not even related to the war, more about increasingly
nauseating domestic issues, major budget crises and unabashed
pro-corporate decisions and anti-gay anti-women anti-sex fun for the
whole terrified white Christian family.

There is, for example, the recent hacking to death of the EPA's major
greenhouse-gas/air-quality study. There was the (failed) attempt to
kill the Bureau of Labor Statistics report that tracked factory
closings in the U.S. There is the secret $135 mil in budget moneys set
aside to cram invidious sexless Christian "abstinence only until
marriage" programs down the throats of jaded American teens and
desperate budget-reamed schools.

There was, as Slate so effortlessly delineates, the regular and rather
sneering deep-sixing of serious economic data and fiscal forecasting
-- much of it generated by Bush's own teams -- because it didn't match
the GOP's makeshift rosy scenarios.

There is massive unemployment. There is the largest budget deficit in
history, now a staggering $455 billion, over $50 billion more than the
administration predicted just five months ago.

There are state and local governments broke to the point of having to
cut back essential services like police and fire departments,
hospitals, public schools, road maintenance and sewers. There is Lynne
Cheney. 'Nuff said.

There appears to be no end. There appears to be a limitless supply of
lies and half-truths and misinformations BushCo can invent on the
spot, and is now a good time to recall how Clinton was savaged and
vilified and attacked and nearly impeached because he lied about
having big dumb sex with a rather unappealing intern?

And yet here is BushCo, openly and shamelessly lying about leading
this nation into a vile and petroleum-drunk war, massacring tens of
thousands, killing hundreds of U.S. soldiers (and counting), gutting
the budget, favoring the rich with useless tax cuts, hiding and
prevaricating and dodging and treated the First, Fourth, Fifth, Sixth
and Eighth Amendments to the Constitution the way a crusty abusive
Catholic priest treats an altar boy.

This is where you have to laugh. This is where you applaud. Stand up
and cheer, for it has been a masterful performance, a rather
unprecedented series of major cover-ups and well-orchestrated PR
maneuvers and outright fabrications unmatched in recent history. Hell,
the epic scale of BushCo's strocities make Clinton's little oral-sex
fixation seem like a jaywalking violation.

Is now the time? Is this is where we start to notice how it is all
coming unraveled, Bush's snide web of lies just too flagrant and too
insulting for too long, CIA directors and intelligence experts and
military leaders and scientists and the like all coming forward now to
refute any number of false BushCo claims, the chinks in the armor now
becoming cracks and fissures and flubs and stumbles and ultimate
raging implosions?

Is this why impeachment proceedings have yet to begin in earnest
against BushCo? Because we're just too stunned, too frozen in
disbelief at the mounting mountains of evidence that we have been
duped and misled and lied to on a scale we can't really begin to
assimilate? Could very well be.

Because the tower of lies, oh how it teeters, how it quivers, how it
feels oh so ready to fall.

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