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Wow! My poor baby has been in the water once, just to switch trailers as the marina damaged mine while moving her out of the yard where I was working on her. HA! All I did all summer was go down and dry her out after the rains, that means pumping those bloody storage compartments out by hand, and I’m no closer to finding out where the water is coming from. The bilge stays dry, except for the last time when I brought her home, then there was approximately 1/4” of water in the bilge. Now before it got too cold I placed a cover over the whole boat, then a tarp over the cover that covers the cabin, the anchor locker, the forward hatch and half of the cockpit. I also placed pool pillows in the cockpit to keep the cover and tarp raised above the cockpit so the cover does not sag and fill up with water. I’ll let you know what happens now after doing that. It rained this past weekend and without the pillows the entire cockpit filled with water and the cover sealed itself to the deck sealing the drain hole so it was a lined box holding all that water right up to the seats. The storage compartments were absolutely dry which means the cover and tarp is covering the leaks, but during my draining water went into the venting grills right into the bilge where it now sits as the battery was removed due to the cold we had here, and no bilge pump to pump it out. So far no more extreme cold is predicted for a couple of weeks, but snow may be coming this week. Right now my mast is in my basement, the plan was to check the wiring, check the lines running through the mast and replace the burnt out bulbs, however I did not realize how small my basement actually is, and the mast really dosen’t fit, I can’t turn the mast around to put it up on the horses to work, and the mast can’t be placed on horses where it is as it’s too long there, only way to correct all this is to remove the mast and bring it back in at a sharp angle to utilize the basement length, way too much work, so I’ll do what I can, then remove it in the spring and place it on the horses outside. I also need to figure out the rigging.. There is no forestay from the top on the mast, the forestay appears to be about 3/4 of the way up the mast, where the shrouds attach to the mast. There is a block at the top of the mast of which I have no idea what it’s for, maybe the Jib Halyard? And the mast is wired with a trailer hitch wire, the connections are 4 flat connectors, I made an extension cable to connect the mast while it was down so I could see which bulbs were out. It worked perfectly, I have two lights out, and have purchased bulbs for them, but I’m not sure what wires do what in the cable so I can hook up a light to light my wind vane, which also has to be installed before stepping the mast. This was the plan for the winter months bringing the mast down.. Any help would be appreciated, again...I also wanted to make a cable to test the wiring by having a trailer plug to go into the mast and a cigarette lighter plug to go into the battery tank thingy...

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