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Scott Broam
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Default Walden Kayak Outrigger Canoe?

My previous post a month or so ago on this topic was about the Walden
Sports Nalu - I'm having no luck in Google posting this as a response
so it's not likely going to be tied to the thread...

I've managed to answer most of my own question and am posting here in
case anybody else at some point asks them again.

$800 may not be a bad price for a Nalu, but $300 is even better
(second hand)... The shop in Edisto (Edisto Beach, SC, USA) still has
two new ones for $800

The boat handled great, I'd guess it is as fast as my sea kayak
(Valley Skerray RMX) in a sprint, not sure about the long haul. It is
plenty stable - three kids climbing on it plus me did not sink or tip
it. It turned well enough for a 15'5" boat - not on a dime or
anything, but not bad. We had a windy afternoon of head high swells
and it handled them great. The cockpit does swamp but can be bailed
easily with your legs hanging over the sides, even in broaching seas.
This could be a cold boat in the winter...

If you look for one pay attention to footpegs (they didn't come
standard) and a rudder - the folks I bought mine from have another and
indicated that the rudder can be a source of leaks... Mine has two
hatches (8" and 5"?) - the smaller one has a small gear bag, I really
wouldn't see getting much in the way of camping gear in there. The
larger hatch could handle larger items, but the hull is just not that
deep (certainly not as deep as my sea kayak). There is a flat space
on the rear deck where I will probably add decklines/bungies. I added
a drain plug because it is nearly impossible to drain without one...

I'm told some people paddle these with kayak paddles, I kept hitting
the iakos (cross members) when I tried it. It's supposed to be
paddled with a canoe paddle and that works best - a short bent shaft
plus a sit and switch technique is ideal.

I'm sure there is no comparison between this and a "real" composite
outrigger that folks race out in the Pacific rim, all the same it is a
hoot and I'm glad to have picked it up.
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