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Old September 10th 05, 02:23 PM
The Rich Jerk
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Default I'm a jerk, but I'm RICH.

Don't Waste My Time.....
Lets get something straight. I am a jerk. I am obnoxious. I am lazy. And I donít care, because I am FILTHY RICH. I am much too important to even be sitting here writing this right now. So I'll keep it short. I make several million dollars every year on the internet, doing almost nothing. Do you make that much money? Didn't think so.

Iím the real deal. Whether you like it or not, you want to be rich like me, otherwise you wouldn't be here. And since you are here, I'm sure you already know that there are thousands of "get rich quick" programs on the internet today. Youíve probably even bought some of them yourself. Well, are you impressed with them? Iím not. Not even close. What proof do these losers have of their earnings? That they make a few thousand dollars a month? Big deal. I make millions. And I barely even do anything to earn it. It's so automatic it would make you sick.

So Who the Hell am I?
Iím the guy you see driving down the street in a Ferrari with the top down, and you think to yourself, "What an asshole!" And you know what? Youíre right. But so what? Do you think I really value your opinion? Iím a rich jerk, so I couldnít care less. I cut through the bull****. If you find me offensive, obnoxious, or whateverÖ.feel free to leave my website at anytime. Iím not here to make friends. Iím here to show you EXACTLY how I make millions. Itís no secret that Iím selling something here. And when you see what I'm offering, you will be blown away. Just visit the below link to see what I have in store for you:

Hey, what are you doing reading down here? Didnít you order yet?......Oh, you must be one of those idiots thinking my program still sounds to good to be true. Well, if you are not convinced, I don't give a ****. Go ahead and keep making your measly couple of grand every month, or whatever pathetic amount you make. When you are fed up, you'll be back. Youíve seen proof that I make millions. Youíve seen that I tell it like it is, without all the BS. Youíve seen that Iím a rich jerk with nothing to lose. You've even seen that I offer a 45 day money back guarantee! So if you aren't ready to order, you don't even deserve to be on my site. Go away NOW.

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