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Old August 8th 05, 10:26 PM
Skip Gundlach
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rhys wrote:
On 29 Jul 2005 19:02:47 -0700, "Skip Gundlach"

Skip, finished refitting for many months

Good luck, sailor. I've enjoyed your posts and wish you every success
in your recovery, not only for your own sake but for the very selfish
reason that I'm learning a lot about what it REALLY takes to refit an
old boat for permanent residency!

All the best.


Thanks, Rhys, and other PigFans (what else to call folks who like
following my adventures?).

I'm still expecting quite some time before I can return to the boat,
but I'm learning things in the last week or so.

The operation went quite as expected, other than that there was less
scarring than expected from the original failure during last time's
infection, only one of the (two) supposedly dead muscles was, in fact,
dead, and they took parts of two (teres major was added, latissimus
dorsi was the original plan) others to enable me to lift my arm, in the

However, due to my previously demonstrated remarkable flexibility, in
order to better assure that these attachments succeeded, rather than
allowing passive therapy (swinging the arm to keep the joint loose)
during the healing time, my arm's supported on/by my side by what
amounts to a pillow, the better to keep the new muscles loose. Once
healing (6 weeks) is complete, I'll begin therapy, which will include
some painful freeing up of what will be - perhaps, even, frozen - a
very stiff shoulder.

However, in the meantime, as forecast, the pain level is minimal to
nonexistant, and I'm having to constantly remind myself not to use the
arm, as if feels entirely as though I could.

Rehab projects include getting familiar with the navigation software,
qualifying for my Ham license (with or without code, on whatever level
I can achieve), finishing emptying my home (which has an option
contract on it), and finishing selling the other boats left in my

While I rehab, the finishing carpenter is doing that (finishing), and
the electrical guy may do some more stuff, too, though he complains
that I'm all he's been able to do for the last several months other
than fill orders, so this is a welcome break for him. Likely, we'll
finish when I get back.

Once I'm comfortable using the arm, I'll be back on the boat, finishing
out the stuff needed before it goes back in the water. That includes
remounting both bilge pumps, resetting and replumbing the aft toilet,
finishing plumbing the forward toilet (having done all but the last leg
of the hard pipe installation already), reset the shutoff and plumb the
head intake/sink outflow for the forward head, set the refrigeration,
plumb the forward washdown and filter, power and source the rest of the
salt water washdown/galley installation, replumb both of the heads'
shower discharges and set the pumps, install the new HF and VHF at the
nav, replace the cockpit scupper drain ho$e (2 1/4 x ~20 feet
altogether), install the new windlass (see new post), clean and
locktite all the setscrews for the new rails, install the side boarding
ladder, and perhaps some other stuff.

Once it's in the water, there's all the up-the-mast stuff to deal with
(the only working light being the foredeck), the recommissioning of the
engine (all the pulleys are off, the water pump needs a new bracket,
the fuel system needs redoing from the genset removal, it's not been
run in - by that time - nearly two years, i.e.), the procurement and
mounting of the very-heavy batteries and the fabrication and
installation of the appropriately strong box to restrain them, and the
sea-trials to prove out that and all the other work which has already
taken place.

As usual, there will be pictures posted during all this. One other
rehab project I forgot to mention is the sorting and beginning of
selection of all the pictures (many hundreds of which, preceding the
April start of the projects pictures already available, remain
untouched) into projects, so that they can be culled into something
more manageable than the huge number current. I'm hopeful of coming to
some decision about a web page format so that I can begin "The final
voyage of SV Tehemana" - the story and pictures, included, of how our
boat became "ours" and Flying Pig. When we head out, it will truly be
when pigs fly, given all that's happened beforehand!

So, here I am, a week out from my surgery, champing at the bit to get
back aboard, but being the good patient I am, taking the opportunity,
instead, to get the landside stuff attended to.

Thanks again for all those watching, and thinking of me/us. We're very
grateful for the support.


Skip, rehabbing as fast as I can!

Morgan 461 #2
SV Flying Pig - the vessel as Tehemana, as we bought her

"Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you
didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail
away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails.
Dream. Discover." - Mark Twain

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Old August 9th 05, 12:13 AM
~^ beancounter ~^
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good luck w/the surgery and recoup
time ... use the boat for physical
therapy.....use it as a tax deduction ;-)

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Old August 9th 05, 02:32 AM
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Rehab like a champ, Buddy! Meanwhile, I'm working my old butt off in
the New Orleans heat refitting the Princess. Boo-hoo, poor me. I gave
in to temptation yesterday and ran the airco while replumbing the head.
That was nice!

Get better! See ya,


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