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Mary Malmros
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Default Walden Vista Expedition or Prijon Capri I

"EJ" writes:

Actually, the Walden is 4 pounds lighter, at 39 pounds. I was thinking that
wouldn't make that much difference, but maybe I need to rethink

Four pounds doesn't seem like a huge difference, but maybe you can
check it out. It might be worth going to a kayak store and asking
if you can try lifting a boat this size onto your rack -- not
necessarily one of these two boats, but something close to it. That
way, you'll have a sense of how easily you can manage the weight,
and where your limit is.

I am usually cartopping whitewater kayaks, which weigh in at
somewhere between 35 and 40 pounds empty. Miscellaneous crap
probably adds another five pounds or so. I can be pretty casual
about putting these up on top of a sedan, but if the vehicle is
tall, I have to be a little more clever in how I do it, since I'm
not real tall myself (only 5' 6"). Even though 40 pounds is not a
lot of weight, it's easy to hurt yourself trying to lift it
overhead, particularly at the end of a long day of paddling when
you're tired, the ground is uneven, some dope parked the car on a
slope, etc.

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