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Dennis Pogson
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Default ST60 Wind Instrument Calibration

Theo Weber wrote:
I'm having problems with my newly installed ST60 Wind. On it's
first start-up with everything connected I didn't get CAL in the
display as the manual states is supposed to happen. Checked the
Raymarine troubleshooting site and it suggests that I have cable
connection problems. I checked and retightened all connections, but
still no CAL. The next suggestion by Raymarine is that the unit needs
to be checked by a service centre. Of course that entails unstepping
my mast, pulling the cable from both mast and thru the boat, and
removing the instrument to leave a big hole in the boat while it's
off getting checked. I contacted them to see if I could do a
little troubleshooting
myself. Raymarine tells me the only way is to send someone up the
mast and short each pin and check the resistance. To my way of
thinking there's got to be some sort of signal coming down from the
wind speed and direction transducers and I should be able to check
the individual wires for a current. Anyone have any experience?


I would go over each connection in turn and make sure it was connnected to
the correct terminal as described in the manual before going to the trouble
Raymarine have suggested.

These things used to work on 5 volts years ago, but as some wires may be
data only, you could be looking for millivolts at the "downstairs" end.

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