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Default Humminbird Tri Beam should I buy?

On 8 Jan 2004 06:15:55 -0800, (luv2bafield)

My local Walmart has a display for the Humminbird Tri-Beam 400TX for
$50 and a 300TX for $25. Apparently these are the display case items
and whoever put them in the display case through away the box with the
rest of the stuff, including the transducer. DUH! Anyway, what would
I need to buy in order to use one of these units with a trolling motor
mounted transducer?

This would be for a little 9 foot Pond Prowler (I know, a little
overkill, but if the price is right). Is it worth buying the
remaining parts for one of these units if I can get the display so

I have never owned one of these, so I don't know what else was in the

The 400TX is about $149 (new) or thereabouts - the trolling motor
transducer is around $60 to $70 dollars - you do the math. ;)

Your aren't saving much over buying the unit new out of the box.


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