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Default Boat Ramp Follies on Video

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My In-laws rented a cabin for a week over the 4th here in town right next

the state launch ramp. They were rewarded with an unending show... pure

Seems like there are more idiots on the river than not, and boat size/value
is no factor.

But, I think the mockery and the dock ghouls only make things worse. If it
was my boat that somebody kept colliding into because they were increasingly
stressed out and nervous, I'd tell that instead of standing around laughing
and making him MORE nervous, maybe they should shut the **** up and give the
guy a hand. Out of respect for the other boats in the area if not that
skipper himself.

Took a new boater out this weekend to show him what to do. Saw a ski boat
towing somebody at about 40, actually slaloming between the No Wake signs on
the Willamette while the local sailing club had all their newbies learning
how to right a capsized boat. Not only were there a bunch of kids floating
around in the channel, there were sewage overflow warnings just upriver.

A couple miles further upriver, a kid tubing behind a ski boat was hit by a
jetskier that was jumping the wake. No deaths but the kid who was being
towed is in serious condition and, of course, the guy on the jetski
sustained no injuries.