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On Mon, 24 Jan 2011 10:26:08 -0500, "Wilbur Hubbard"

"Jessica B" wrote in message
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On Sun, 23 Jan 2011 19:49:34 -0800 (PST), Joe

On Jan 22, 10:18 pm, CaveLamb wrote:
What do you think, Wilbur?
Would this one do?



Richard Lamb
email me:
web site:

Hello Richard,

You enjoying the Jessica Wilbur show? Neals off his meds again.

Cannibal is tied up in front of my old building in El Lago, right
where RedCloud use to be moored, she is a pretty boat.
You interested? I know the boat and the owner if you need any more

Check out this hull:
She's trashed inside, but might be a good project boat.



Joe Joe?

He seems pretty reasonable to me.

Reasonable? LOL! Girl, you've got a lot to learn . . .

I meant that you seemed pretty reasonable!!

Jessica, Joe is one of those lubberly, wannabe-type sailors about whom I
refer when saying some are fearful to really sail so they attempt to load up
a boat with "all the lubberly contraptions" like washer/dryer combos so they
can feel comfortable because they are addicted to the land and the sailing
life is anathema to them.

Joe's erstwhile boat, "Red Cloud" was prematurely abandoned in a cold front
in the Gulf of Mexico and he and his rank amateur crew were airlifted off by
the Coast Guard and his boat was abandoned to her own devices and eventually
sunk. Joe is a little chicken, IMO. Certainly is no sailor. If his skills
were 1/10th as big as his mouth he might amount to something. As it stands
now he's a disgrace. Why, the moron doesn't even know the proper sized
American flag to fly and he flies it in the wrong place. Nothing screams
incompetence like disrespect for one's flag.

Bummer that he lost his boat... Did they make him pay for his airlift?
Seems like things would be a lot better if people paid for their
mistakes... or at least had to make some kind of partial payment. It
might cut down on the nonsense.

Can you believe it... I had this flag on the back of my bike seat and
it got torn off by some jerk as I rode by. That happened last
summer... right on the beach run. Fortunately, there was a bike cop
following behind me (didn't realize he was there for 1/2 mile, but he
didn't bust me for speeding - yeah, they have speed limits for bikes
on the beach run), so he made him give it back or go to jail. The pole
was all bent up, so now it doesn't work.

Wilbur Hubbard