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In article , Jessica B wrote:
On Sun, 23 Jan 2011 17:48:35 -0600, CaveLamb

I'm guessing that on a two or three year cruise it might be nice to
processionally have clean clothes.

But that's just me. YMMV?

Doesn't the boat ever stop somewhere? Seems like all you have to do is
pull in somewhere and deal with it.

What happens in the middle of the ocean? You're going to do laundry in
your bring-along system? Seems at odds with sailing some how.

I've heard of two suggestions... actually, three.

1. A big bucket into which you put water, detergent and the offending
items (they're likely to be offending the nose of others after a while,
I'm sure). You then 'tread' them for a while, like the French used to
with grapes.

2. All that needs washing ends up in the shower stall. Whoever takes a
shower 'treads' the clothes as they do so. I am not certain of the
efficacy of this method.

3. Small mesh netting (small enough that your smalls don't go through
the holes) from which you make a bag, into which you put your laundry.
The neting bag is then towed behind the boat for a while.

Found this the other day too: URL:


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