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Peter Bennett
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Default power vs sail

On 14 Mar 2004 06:32:31 GMT, (Gould 0738) wrote:

I am playing with the idea of a boat. I'm new to boating. What would you
folks recommend, power or sail?

Do I need extra skills for sail boats?


1000 different boaters will give you 999 different answers.

More like 2000 different answers! :-)

more question, do I need a license? and if yes, where do I get it? I'm in

Some of the Provinces require boaters to complete and education course. I know
BC does. Not sure about Ontario.

I believe you need a local license in Toronto harbour. BC does not
require any license, but there may be a federal requirement for a
"Pleasure Craft Operators Certificate" depending on size and power of
your boat (I need a PCOC to drive my dinghy, but not for my big boat!)

I suggest you take a Canadian Power Squadron Boating course - see to find a squadron near you. (Unfortunately, I
think most squadrons will be finishing their courses soon, and won't
be offering them again til fall.)

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