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Default Anyone know a good online sailmaker?

Just another FWIW.

Some of the 'supposed' US sailmakers actually have the highly labor
intensive work done 'off shore'. In fact it is highly possible that the
entire sail will be made in Mexico and the Gringo sailmaker will just show
up for the measurements and finally fitting of the sail..

I took a sail into Doyle sails in San Diego to have a luff tape installed..
When I stopped back a couple days later to check on the progress, I found
out that it was in TJ. The sailmaker admitted that they did very little sail
work in SD. The loft was only used for inspecting sails and minor

I visited the Hood sail loft in Seattle and found that they didn't do any of
the sail making here. Just some repair and adjustments. They wouldn't say
where the actual work was done.

I don't suppose it really makes much difference as long as the sail is cut
and sewn correctly and good quality material is used..

BTW. I have had Lee Sails on several of my boats and never had any
complaint. If I we a racer or demanded high performance, then I might say

s/v Good Intentions