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Default the pancake skiff - episode 1

On Fri, 30 Jul 2010 20:59:13 -0500, DougC

On 7/30/2010 7:33 PM, Bruce in Bangkok wrote:
On Fri, 30 Jul 2010 11:50:17 -0500,

I have made a Freeship model of the hull I am interested in.

page with file link-

-or Tiny-

This is not the 100% final version, just a close approximation. The idea
is basically a extra-wide rowboat hull with a very flat bottom. There
will be a flat sealed floor set 6" above the hull bottom on frames
spaced every foot.

This is a inland/fla****er boat only.

Your URL links to a site that provides a ZIP file which expands to be
a FBM file. My system doesn't read fbm files.

Sure it does. Just go download and install Freeship, and you'll be all
set. (at times it is spelled FREE!ship)

Freeship is rather dated but downloading it does not require
registration, as the Delft program seems to.

Why do you believe that I would want to download and install yet
another program only to advise you on your projected design.

I would get it rated for a small motor, 5 HP I think. Not very fast, but
as light & broad as the hull is, it's just not going to be safe going
fast anyway. Other 14" boats seem to be running 20-30 HP regularly. 10
MPH is okay for this, I just need a motor that's "faster than rowing"
while being and "less effort than rowing".

Why do you want to "get it rated" for a motor? Are you going to
manufacture it commercially?

I thought that (assuming US laws of course) any given powerboat had a
rated horsepower limit. Stated on the HIN plate.

Do home built boats have a HIN plate?