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Default Cherubini Raider 33 - Need Advice and Information

I think you are correct. I was told then that the brother was the Architect and worked for Hunter.

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I don't believe you are correct. I visited Cherubini Yachts around 1980 and enjoyed a test sail on the Delaware river. As I
recall, it was in New Jersey. Mr. Cherubini is the brother of the designer that holds the US Patent on the Scheel Keel or so he
stated at the time. His boats were of a rather traditional narrow form with long keel. The keels of course were of the Scheel
style and unlike most traditional hull designs with a long keel, would turn within its own length. Quite impressive really. The
boat I sailed was in the 40' size range...perhaps even 44'. I believe its beam was around 10'. The hull was fiber glass. The top
sides were timber with glass port lights in the cabin trunk. He stated that he hated plastic portlights, but was very proud of
the fact he could successfully use glass without the typical hull flex of a fiberglass hull shattering the glass. Another unique
attribute, which I have never seen anywhere else was the fact that he cast the internal lead ballast on top of the fiberglass.
Considering the latent heat of the lead, that was quite a feat without damaging the fiberglass. All in all, I was very impressed
with his boats. At the time, I would guess he was in his late forties.

This is a few years older but... boatname=33'+Cherubini+Raider&photo_revised_date=1 220025729000&photo_name=Photo+2&photo=2
Probabbly have to copy and paste.
I think Cherubini also design a 37' (?) for Hunter.