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Joe Parsons
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Default Sailor's tattoo, must be married too long, Wooden Boat Festival

On 10 Sep 2003 16:54:05 GMT, (Gould 0738) wrote:

Last weekend, SWMBO and I went boat shopping. We took a short excursion over
our price and size range and looked at a 1969 Grand Banks 46 Alaskan. More
of a
"project" than we want to take on, but just the *smell* of a wooden boat
triggers the imagination.

Owning a wooden boat is like marrying for love. It may not make any economic
sense, and there are inevitable consequences, but passion sometimes overrides

Come to think of it, that applies to owning
almost any boat, doesn't it?


And motorcycles, and airplanes, and vintage sports cars and....

Actually, I do have one boat that makes a great deal of economic sense: My
sailboat, an Olson 25, is in a charter program in the SF Bay. The boat
generates net income and tax deduction and is always ready to go.

Joe Parsons