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Default Uniden 525 VHF and general question

On Tue, 15 Dec 2009 16:03:54 -0500, "Wilbur Hubbard"

Actually it is YOU, Wilbur, who can't read, or does NOT understand the
technology that you are talking about. The Deviation of the Modulator in
Skip's Transmitter is EXACTLY what we are DISCUSSING and the VOLUME of
Skips signal has absolutely NOTHING TO DO with the Power OUT of his
Transmitter, but everything to do with the Modulation Deviation of his
Transmitter.... This is why a One WAtt Handheld sounds just as loud, in
a receiver, as a 25 watt radio, when both signals are above the 12db
Quieting Threshold of that receiver.... You just show your ignorance,
when you spout off about things you have no Clue about....

Bruce in alaska

PKB! You're the one who's clueless. I happen to own one of those crap
radios myself and I have discovered all their foibles and failings. You are
just operating on theory and your theory is little more than an uninformed
guess. So take a hike. When you get some experience with this particular
radio perhaps you can return then.

I'm given to understand that the Bruce is an expert in these matters.

Besides, anybody living in Alaska where he gets is ass frozen off most of
the year can't be too bright in the first place.

No reason to drag Sarah Palin into a radio discussion.
You should be ashamed of yourself.