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Default Uniden 525 VHF and general question

On Mon, 14 Dec 2009 16:03:52 -0900, Bruce in alaska

Well, it would seem from all the previous posts that there is some
controversy about the recommended RF Coax for VHF Marine Installations
on various Vessel type.... Hmmmm... Well the answers are fairly
straight forward. It really depends on the installation. Small coax,
RG58 types, are alright for runs less than 10 Ft. For runs up 100Ft, RG8
Types Should be used. RG213 is better than RG8 or RG8 Foam Core Types,
due to Wx survivability, and Water Intrusion. The Price Difference
between RG213 and RG214, is usually NOT a cost effective for a NORMAL
Marine Installation, especially on a non-Commercial Vessels, where
budgets are tight. For Military Installations RG214 is the MINIMUM. On
commercial vessels up thru the 80's, RG213 was the standard, for runs
under 100 Ft.

Thanks Bruce