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Default CoaxSeal Tape

Flying Pig wrote:
also-aboard) self-amalgamating (think tommy tape or rescue tape) stuff which
sticks only to itself and doesn't mold at all - but also comes off without
any residue, if you just slit it with a knife. Not particularly waterproof
unless you stretch the bejesus out of it and overlap a great deal,

Skip, going to HD or Lowes for the 3M stuff to replenish my dwindling stock

3M sells various self amalgamating tapes using different rubbers.
The silicone rubber version that should be stretched 50% is sold as a
mine electrical tape where they have a certain interest in waterproofing
But if you don't stretch a tape that is sold to be applied with stretch,
then you are in the position of a person buying a dead bolt lock that
complains it doesn't lock unless you turn the key to lock it.
Well, duh!

As to passing one group's opinions to another list for comment, this is
sailing close to a classical stirring ploy - Wilbur will be proud!

No reason you couldn't use older approaches: even friction tape
(bitumen-soaked linen tape) was good enough to keep a Pharoah pretty
fresh for 2500 years - and wiped lead was easily able to preserve the
PAPER wrapped phone cables of not so long ago....

But so much fuss over a $200 (tops?) this
obsessive/compulsive, or what? :-)

Brian W