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Joe Parsons
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Default Sailor's tattoo, must be married too long, Wooden Boat Festival

On 10 Sep 2003 05:45:58 GMT, (Gould 0738) wrote:

Had to "work" last Saturday. The onerous chore was to attend the Wooden Boat
Festival and bring back 1000 words and photos. (Report at end of post)

The Mrs. stayed home. While at the Festival, I thought up the most amazing
prank! There was a booth selling temporary tattoos. The Mrs. has lobbied
against tattoos on several occassions over the years, she'd just prefer that I
not mark up my fine physical specimen of a body.....(hey, it wouldn't be too
bad for a sea lion!)....with colorful ink.

As a guy who's currently in search of a wooden boat for the next step up, I
appreciate your report!

I had a similar experience a couple of years ago at the Corinthian Yacht Club,
in SF Bay. These beautiful craft exert an irresistible pull on many of us.

Last weekend, SWMBO and I went boat shopping. We took a short excursion over
our price and size range and looked at a 1969 Grand Banks 46 Alaskan. More of a
"project" than we want to take on, but just the *smell* of a wooden boat
triggers the imagination.

We spent about an hour aboard, getting the feel of her (the broker was,
thankfully, very understanding), imagining making passage on the old girl. We
very reluctantly concluded that, even buying the boat "right" (they're asking
$125k, probably will sell for $75k), we could go through another $50k+ in a

It was a lovely flight of fancy, though!

Joe Parsons