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On Sun, 13 Dec 2009 20:04:59 -0700, "Stanley Tobasco"

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The web site makes it look like the goop/tape I have aboard, not (the
also-aboard) self-amalgamating (think tommy tape or rescue tape) stuff
which sticks only to itself and doesn't mold at all - but also comes off
without any residue, if you just slit it with a knife. Not particularly
waterproof unless you stretch the bejesus out of it and overlap a great
deal, and even then, I'm not sure SAT would be waterproof. I'm fairly
sure the gooptape I have would be. When I undid the mast-top connection,
I had to sorta rub it off, as it didn't come in one piece, at all, and
clean out the knurls... Makes sort of an ugly boot when you squeeze it.
Should work fine, but not SAT...

I would stay away from the butyl based tapes.

Bing or Google: "silicone tape"