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Default Uniden 525 VHF and general question

Hi, Wayne, and future viewers.

It should be noted that I have termed the path for the water which comes
from the rudder post down the Vee in the hull, well above any usual bilge,
as the bilge in this case. Any water which could enter the lazarette area
also flows on this path.

So, it's not a standing water situation, and there was no practical route to
get the antenna from the helm to the arch other than that - and, that's
where it was when we got the boat - so, that's where it is, still. It's a
Shakespeare stick so has their pigtail of whatever length it was, then a
connector to the cable to the helm. If it weren't for that, I'd probably
replace that cable at the same time I'm doing the mast one.

I'll try to find someone with a SWR meter here tomorrow morning before we
head out to our anchorage prior to going into the dock where we'll be
leaving Flying Pig, and give it a whirl.

I also have the little cable and the mast-top antenna which proved the cable
at fault in the original explorations; it will be easy for me to get a boat
buddy to listen while I read some story or something on a remote channel and
see if that cured it. That shortie, BTW, is LMR400, so should be fine for
the test. I don't expect it's got much in the way of SWR issues :{))

As to sagging power, with an 880AH bank, I doubt that's a problem, BICBW
:{)) That said, this radio has, regardless of source, often given a "low
battery" display long before I'd have expected it in terms of the "ambient"
(under load) voltage, and without transmission, so perhaps that's a radio



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