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Default Uniden 525 VHF and general question

On Sun, 13 Dec 2009 09:53:52 -0500, "Flying Pig"

My antenna feed for the current installation runs in our bilge, and our
rudder post is currently in need of repacking, sending a constant stream of
water down the bilge/limberholes, where I expect there's at least one
connection. While that and any other connex are professionally done, I
expect some water COULD have penetrated. I'll have a look at that, first,
but would appreciate experienced input.

IMHO the only wiring of any kind that belongs in the bilge is the
circuit for the bilge pump. Everything else will be much happier in
a dry location, especially if there are connectors involved. Just
about all wiring insulation develops pin hole leaks over time and salt
water intrusion will turn the finest copper into green powder in no
time at all.

I am not a big fan of Uniden electronics, preferring ICOM and Standard
for VHF radios. That said, the first step is to eliminate the
feedline and masthead antenna as possible suspects. Since we are
talking about short range, just about any kind of test antenna will
do, even a stub of wire about 18 inches long. Connect a test antenna
right at the radio and see if the problem recurs. If so you've got a
Uniden problem or a 12 volt power problem. You can eliminate power as
an issue with a voltmeter connected near the radio.