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Default Boat Ramp Follies on Video

"Ray" wrote in message
Spent a few hours at the launch ramp yesterday Check out the video's.


My In-laws rented a cabin for a week over the 4th here in town right next to
the state launch ramp. They were rewarded with an unending show... pure

On the 4th, I got a chance to sit and watch for a few hours over cocktails
and dinner, followed by fireworks. Oh how I was wishing for my camcorder
and a tripod! In that short window, I saw a little bit of everything, from
three people at water's edge trying to get the quick-straps off the stern
for fifteen minutes, to a complete idiot on a Sea-Doo trying to reverse
thrust himself and a teen daughter off the trailer while he kept telling his
buddy driving the F-350 PowerStroke SuperDuty to back up more. The truck
was not on the ramp area, it was in the sand, and in 2wd to boot. By the
time the PWC broke free of the bunks, both truck axles were completely under
water and the driver had to get out to lock the hubs and then started
"holing in". Braniac dad on the PWC finally did get off his throne to drive
the truck out. Those axles now have a limited life span unless the oil is
changed soon.

I saw some nice work too, but all too many, an easy majority, were not ready
to launch when they reached the ramp...

Saw one Mercruiser skeg dragged across the pavement... husband yelling at
wife driver... "I"M NOT READY YET - STOP STOP STOP!"

And later, at dusk, the fire dept. launched their rescue boat, an air boat
for water and ice, and they left the trailer submerged for the two + hour
outing. I suppose they have to be ready to change lakes fast, but can this
really be good for the bearings?

Post more video links! These were great.