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Default Brilliant essay by...

On Mon, 07 Sep 2009 16:34:43 -0700, jps wrote:

On Sun, 06 Sep 2009 23:06:25 -0500, wrote:

On Sun, 06 Sep 2009 20:20:52 -0700, jps wrote:

On Sun, 06 Sep 2009 21:38:19 -0500,

On Sun, 06 Sep 2009 12:11:54 -0700, jps wrote:

Bill Moyers...

"...victory for the masses..."? Another marxist-on-steriods is

Someone described this as brilliant?

Yes, your breathren measure anyone who shares as a Marxist.

You confuse the honorable act of voluntary, non-compulsary sharing
with glorified theft through taxation, compulsary sharing. And the
President, even from his kindergarten days, is just as confused on
this as you are.

YMML. Never taught to share in kindergarten?

I was considerate enough to share a fundamental axiom with you, an
unadulterated act of altruism, and I wasn't compelled by my government
to do so.

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