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Real sailors won't abide radar.


Not bull! Fact!

If you run radar you are motoring because the damned things draw so much
power. Since you're motoring you are no sailor.


My RADAR draws slightly over 2.1 amps MAX. Over 10 hours of normal
use, it draws an average of about 1/4 to 1/2 amp, or 3 - 5 amp hours
in a 10 hour day. It is really even be less than that. I have a
dedicated AGM battery for just the RADAR and a small 20 watt solar
panel has no trouble keeping it fully charged regardless of how much I
use the RADAR.

LIAR! Volts X Amps = Watts.

So if your unit draws 2 amps that means your unit has a puny 24 or so watt
output provided it it 100 percent efficient which it is NOT. Hell, a VHF
radio outputs at 25 watts and it has no moving parts.

That means your pitiful 2.1 amp radar is good for a range of maybe a 1/10
mile. Waste of time and space, dude! Freaking TOY!

Here's a link to a compact yacht radar:

Note the output is 2.2 KILOwatts.

Using the above formula, V times amps = watts, you get approximately 14

You're even more clueless than poor Skippy!

Wilbur Hubbard

Interesting that the example you picked is the EXACT model I have.

I'm just very intelligent and know just about everything including most of
your personal life.

It draws what I said it draws. Furuno agrees with me, if you look in
the manual.

It has a range of 16 miles.

It draws more than 2.1 amps for the entire system. Don't you know the spec
is only for the transceiver? It does not include the antenna and the motor
that spins it. Get a clue.

Your claim is way lame, dude. It's like me claiming my Adler Barbour draws
only .01 amp on standby. Too bad on standby it doesn't cool squat.

Wilbur Hubbard