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Default Lucaya, Grand Bahama Island to Saint Simons Island GA April 18-19

"Wayne.B" wrote in message
On Mon, 1 Jun 2009 18:44:15 -0400, "Flying Pig"

As the wind built, so did the seas, and we were no longer roughly in phase
with them. That creates a condition where, if it becomes severe enough,
can have an induced broach.

The solution, of course, is to not run dead down wind in a heavy
breeze. The problem goes away if you harden up to a broad reach with
jib and main on the same side. The rolling stops and speed generally
improves. You will need to jibe once in a while but that's a small
price to pay for a safer, more comfortable point of sail.

Wrong! So sad that people (notice how I don't use the word, 'sailor')
advocate course changes because of crap equipment.

The REAL solution is to get rid of the wind-up sails. Sad tale of woe after
sad tail of woe is due to malfunctions of wind-ups. One NEVER hears of such
a thing with real, hanked-on headsails.

Going downwind in a sloop requires the use of a spinnaker or cruising chute.
Messing with poled out genoas is stupid and lubberly.

Get a clue Skippy! Stop worshipping that motor and learn how to sail.

Wilbur Hubbard