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Default Raymarine S1/ST6002 and NMEA

On Wed, 29 Apr 2009 13:21:28 -0500, Geoff Schultz


The issue here seems to be with terminology. You have a S1 course
computer (corepack in RayMarine terminology) and some form of control
head. There is no such thing as a S1 controller. You probably have
either an ST70, ST600x, ST700x or ST800x (where x=1 or 2).

Whatever the controller is, it came with the Raymarine S1 Wheelpilot
that I bought, along with the rudder position indicator and fluxgate

The S1 corepack will translate the NMEA lat/long data into SeaTalk.

It translate a lot more as stated. XTE (Cross Track Error), SOG (Speed
Over Ground), COG (Course Over Ground), Track, etc. All the normal
NMEA stuff used by GPS chartplotters, receivers, black boxes, dat ting
what shows you where you be, where you goin' and how long it's going
to take to get there.

that if the GPS antenna was connected to the NMEA input on the
controller, that it wouldn't translate (or even understand) it.

I wouldn't think anything could translate from a GPS _ANTENNA_. If you
mean a GPS unit that outputs NMEA, I don't see why not. As in the
previous post, the Raymarine manual says you can connect NMEA stuff to
either the computer, controller or an external NMEA to Seatalk
converter. That seems simple and straightforward to me.

The rest
of your data (depth, wind, etc) is most likely coming from SeaTalk
instruments and no translation is required.

Unless you have a NMEA speaking fathometer, wind instrument, etc.
Again, as per the manual.